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Kate G.

Kate G.

Keeps saying that she is "almost 30" since her early twenties. A twisted way to deal with time, or satisfaction for her good genes. Believes in everything till someone proves her wrong. Wannabe a little bit of everything, the worst zodiac species combination ever; Loves routine, but gets bored too easy.  Best part of the day: The dawn. "Thank God that I forgot to grow up."
 Walt Disney and the F.B.I.Walt Disney and the F.B.I. by Kate G.
Perhaps the ultimate storyteller of the 20th century. The father of Mickey Mouse and the one whose name identified with the magic of animation. He was born in Chicago, on December 5, 1901. After following various professions ending up as an ambula
 Independence under siegeIndependence under siege by Kate G.
Η ανεξαρτησία που αποδόθηκε στην Κύπρο ήταν μια α
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