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Jay Gutman

Jay Gutman

I like to write about a little bit of everything.

 Career advice for artistsCareer advice for artists by Jay Gutman
Advice for those who want careers in the arts, in no particular order. -The more you know about art, the better. Whether you\'re a film director or a playwright or a painter or musician or in any other form of art, you will
 Memories of the University of NanterreMemories of the University of Nanterre by Jay Gutman
The University of Nanterre is located near the Champs Elysees in Paris, near the great Arch of La Defense, right by Nanterre University RER station. It\'s France\'s second largest university by size, and France does not rank universities, but N
 Memories of the Academy of Korean StudiesMemories of the Academy of Korean Studies by Jay Gutman
I studied at the Academy of Korean Studies as a Ph.D. Candidate between August 2011 and December 2014. So if you\'re reading this because you want to find out what goes on at the Academy of Korean Studies, here are the warnings:
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 Revitalizing South Korea's tourism industryRevitalizing South Korea's tourism industry by Jay Gutman
South Korea has two major problems when it comes to the tourism industry: the weather, and geography. South Korean weather is made up of cold and dry winters and hot and humid summers, meaning tourists tend to avoid South Korea for the weather.
 The rise and fall of president BouteflikaThe rise and fall of president Bouteflika by Jay Gutman
Algeria\'s president Bouteflika was chosen to lead the country in 1999 specifically because he had been a government insider since 1963. Bouteflika was also chosen because, being an admirer of Castro, he could give lengthy speeches, and, more i
 Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflictPerspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Jay Gutman
Israel suffers from two major image problems when it comes to the conflict: first, the blood libel attributed to Jews in general and Israelis in particular. Second, the post-1945 UN led liberal world order which posits that all peoples have a r
 What's really going on in AlgeriaWhat's really going on in Algeria by Jay Gutman
To understand the political situation of a country, you really need to know who has the money and who does what with money.In Algeria there are two major financial clans. There\'s the business clan, and there\'s the oil cla
 Major factors that cause recessionsMajor factors that cause recessions by Jay Gutman
Nine major factors that cause recessions, in no particular order. Commercial value overestimationIf you overestimate the commercial value of a home or a product, and that it is done at a large s
 Chronology of a lifetime of readingChronology of a lifetime of reading by Jay Gutman
Truth is, I always read a lot. There were some fast periods in my life when it came to reading, and until 2015, I used to have a problem I got rid of. That is I used to start reading a lot of books, but didn\'t bother to finish many of them.
 What is Judeo-Arabic?What is Judeo-Arabic? by Jay Gutman
When you think about Jewish languages, Yiddish comes to mind, and Ladino or Judeo-Spanish comes to mind. How did Yiddish and Ladino survive in the first place, even when in “exile”? That is when German Jews left Germany for Eastern
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