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Jay Gutman

Jay Gutman

I like to write about a little bit of everything.

 Jeanne Calment and French comediansJeanne Calment and French comedians by Jay Gutman
Jeanne Calment\'s age has been all over the news recently. She died at 122, setting the world record for the oldest person known to have lived. On the other hand, France is taking a scandal that hit its comedy industry very seriously involving
 Notes on the Israeli electionsNotes on the Israeli elections by Jay Gutman
Notes on the upcoming Israeli elections, in no particular order. -Orthodox Jews are going to vote for the religious parties, modern Orthodox Jews for Naphtali Bennett, middle class secular Jews for Benny Gantz or Yair Lapid
 The social consequences of the service economyThe social consequences of the service economy by Jay Gutman
I will never marry someone who works in the service economy! How could you want a job in the service economy? You will live with your parents for the rest of your life! You will die poor if you work in the service economy! You\'ll be a starving
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 Accommodating the service economyAccommodating the service economy by Jay Gutman
Last time I discussed how jobs were no longer in the government or in industry, but in the service sector. I did not discuss retail last time, but the same could be said about retail jobs as could be said about the government and industry jobs.
 The service economyThe service economy by Jay Gutman
“Our jobs all went to China!” “Immigrants are stealing our jobs!” “There are no more quality jobs!” I\'ve read dozens of books on the economy, yet no one book had addressed the shift of the economy to the ser
 Why politics are so divisiveWhy politics are so divisive by Jay Gutman
 The expat's guide to AlgeriaThe expat's guide to Algeria by Jay Gutman
Last night I had a dream that I was at a bar in Algeria and met two American expats, a man and a woman and those we had a long chat about this fascinating country. This of course was a dream, because chances are, you will probably never have ca
 Structural problems with the South Korean economyStructural problems with the South Korean economy by Jay Gutman
You basically have workers demanding high wages and high business real estate prices. This means a lot of times companies can\'t sell low-tech products but have to sell high-tech products for higher profit margins. High-tech products cost more
 A tale of organized crime A tale of organized crime by Jay Gutman
President Trump wants to build a wall to limit the inflow of organized criminals to the United States from the Southern border. In this article I will share anecdotes about organized crime. I remember a restaurant opening n
 Notes on relations between Israel and Arab statesNotes on relations between Israel and Arab states by Jay Gutman
Relations between Israel and the Arab world are like a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I will give you pieces of the puzzle with lots of pieces missing. Of course, if you invite me to give a talk on the issue I\'d be pleased, but then perhaps some
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