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Jay Gutman

Jay Gutman

I like to write about a little bit of everything.

 10 arguments against the gold standard10 arguments against the gold standard by Jay Gutman
When Nixon decided to nix the gold standard in 1971, meaning that currency was backed by nothing, there was an uproar among politicians and economists. But here are 10 reasons I\'m against returning to the gold standard, 10 reasons that could k
 An honest chat on immigrationAn honest chat on immigration by Jay Gutman
What immigration is for immigrants to Europe, North America, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand: better social status in their home country, improved economic status, more political status within their families. Better marriage prospects, mor
 Anxiety levels and international relations Anxiety levels and international relations by Jay Gutman
When you have military power and alliances you have low anxiety levels, meaning free societies. When you have low military power but good alliances you have moderate anxiety levels, which lead to tribal societies. When you are surrounded with m
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 Zionism and Israeli electionsZionism and Israeli elections by Jay Gutman
Israel was always a consensus. The consensus was, and these are my words “a State where cultural and religious Jews live in harmony.” That is, if you ask a religious Jew: are cultural Jews, Jews? They will say yes and make no furthe
 Trade incidents between China and the USTrade incidents between China and the US by Jay Gutman
I wouldn\'t put all the blame on China for the trade deficit between China and the US. China is relatively crime free, food is cheap, booze and cigarettes are cheap, you can smoke in pubs, transportation systems are excellent in China, housing
 Where should I invest? The brief, honest, straightforward guideWhere should I invest? The brief, honest, straightforward guide by Jay Gutman
Financial advisers don\'t think in terms of “how can I help YOU make money” but in terms of “how can YOU help ME make money.” They tend to sell you all kinds of dreams, stories about people who invested in hedge funds an
 Education system: success or learning?Education system: success or learning? by Jay Gutman
The problem with me is I always wanted to learn in an education system that defined you by how much you learn, not how much you succeed. Placing first on each test, then becoming a doctor is what defined your success. I wanted to become a teach
 Fixing the French education systemFixing the French education system by Jay Gutman
The French education system seems to be agonizing. In my opinion three things need to be fixed: the curriculum, teachers and testing. The curriculum Humanities: French, history and philosophy are taught, but wit
 A short history of university gradingA short history of university grading by Jay Gutman
Up until 1973, university grades did not depend on your ability to get a job. Most jobs were obtained through referrals and sponsorship, and it was a colleague who would recommend someone for the job, the referred person would go through an inf
 The American, South Korean and North Korean triangleThe American, South Korean and North Korean triangle by Jay Gutman
The United States is a democracy where decisions are taken largely by consensus. South Korea is an authoritarian democracy, one where democratically elected leaders have vast powers and decide with little consensus. Then you have North Korea, a
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