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Hunter Dasten

Hunter Dasten

Hunter Dasten was born May 3rd 1987 in Marietta, Georgia. He currently lives and writes in Savannah, Georgia.

 Those EyesThose Eyes by Hunter Dasten
Can you peer through those eyes? The radiance must be blinding.As I gaze into them I\'ve come to understandwhat the ancients m
 "When The Storm Comes Around""When The Storm Comes Around" by Hunter Dasten
Should you find yourself at the captain’s helm, as everyone around you is jumping ship.Do not lose your stride.Do not miss a step.Because I will be right beside you, braving the storm.A
 "That Little Girl With Her Hands To The Sky""That Little Girl With Her Hands To The Sky" by Hunter Dasten
Have you ever clung to a desire for so longthat your eyes saw nothing else? The most beautiful part of existence is the ability to dream, to aspire toward a goal, no matter how lofty! Like the little gir
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