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George Kalatzis

George Kalatzis

I write since I was 18 years old, from fairy tales to science fiction novels, still I am not a writer, I …scribble funny cartoons. I did it for 5 years proficiently for two of the most popular Greek magazines, but I am not a painter. I am writing lyrics and music, I actually sang once a song in front of millions TV viewers on a contest, but I am not a musician. I was for 10 years the head of a marketing department in the largest CD-DVD manufacturer in Greece, but I am not a marketer. I finished a fashion designer school, but I never made a single clothe… I am 62 years-old now and I am trying to find what am I. Maybe you can help me find out. My name is George Kalatzis and I still live in Greece. Maybe this is the answer for all this mess above.

 Under water #02Under water #02 by George Kalatzis
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 Under water #01Under water #01 by George Kalatzis
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