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George Cassidy Payne

George Cassidy Payne

George Cassidy Payne is originally from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. He now lives and works in the City of Rochester, New York. George is a poet, photographer, essayist, professor of philosophy, and social worker.

George's poetry has been included in a variety of  journals and magazines, including Chronogram Magazine, Allegro Poetry Journal, Mojave Heart, the Red Porch Review, Albany Up the River Poets Journal, Teahouse, The Adirondack Almanack,The Mindful Word, Talker of the Town, Pulsar, Moria Poetry Journal, Ampersand Literary Review, and many others.

George's letters and editorials have appeared in The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the South China Morning Post, the Syracuse Post-Standard, the Buffalo News, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Minority Reporter, Chicago Crusader, Amsterdam News, and the Albany Times Union.

When he is not writing or taking photographs of natural landscapes, he works as a domestic violence counselor, adjunct instructor of philosophy, and social justice activist. George has a beautiful wife and two wonderful children named Mendon and Ellison. You can reach him at 585-703-9230/icaj2000@yahoo.com.

 My Grand Theory on 9/11My Grand Theory on 9/11 by George Cassidy Payne
 Monsters Rise Up When Reason Sleeps: 18 Years Later and 9/11 Truth Still Not KnownMonsters Rise Up When Reason Sleeps: 18 Years Later and 9/11 Truth Still Not Known by George Cassidy Payne
 Deer and HeronDeer and Heron by George Cassidy Payne
I am in his power. He flys away. Secondspassed
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 Why It's Time to Stop Using the Word ImmigrantWhy It's Time to Stop Using the Word Immigrant by George Cassidy Payne
 The EgoThe Ego by George Cassidy Payne
is churned by waves oftugging, flushing, handwashing lava,stretching and relaxing, plumes rising 200 miles out
 400 MIllion MIles From the Sun400 MIllion MIles From the Sun by George Cassidy Payne
Beauty is located insidea gravitational tango,one where we become a celibate partner with Jupiter;where we are gratefu
 What the Discovered Reagan-Nixon Auto Recording Reveals About TrumpWhat the Discovered Reagan-Nixon Auto Recording Reveals About Trump by George Cassidy Payne
 I'm a Bernie Guy. Here's Why I am Voting for WarrenI'm a Bernie Guy. Here's Why I am Voting for Warren by George Cassidy Payne
 Trapped in the Net, Wanting to BreachTrapped in the Net, Wanting to Breach by George Cassidy Payne
Built to withstand pressure thatwould crush a
 Where Deer SleepWhere Deer Sleep by George Cassidy Payne
My three-year-old sonasked me where deer sleep.So I took him there. Steppinginto a space that is not meantfor fathers and sons, we founda ritual that has
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