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Dr Elsa Lycias Joel

Dr Elsa Lycias Joel

Elsa Lycias Joel. I hold  a doctorate in biotechnology. member of research gate with more than ten research publications of mangrove fungi. freelance a lot. worked with the new indian express as sub editor for a year or so. write for children's magazines like Junior Chandamama,The children's magazine by PCM publishers since 2004 and Children's world by CBT. I also contribute to Womans Era, Readers Digest, I Quote, Women Exclusive (WE), infinithoughts, couples magazine and other regional dailies. recently authored a children's book named "Perfect Endings',  the author's copy of which was signed by none other than the former president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam

 KathakaliKathakali by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 Paul Raja Livingston of Goodness FoundationPaul Raja Livingston of Goodness Foundation by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 In conversation with Mr. ChandrasekharIn conversation with Mr. Chandrasekhar by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
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 And they danced to the beat of their dreams...And they danced to the beat of their dreams... by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 Films are meant to educate and entertainFilms are meant to educate and entertain by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 Rooftop solutionsRooftop solutions by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 GodsonGodson by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 A chat-VFX supervisorA chat-VFX supervisor by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 Stalin SaravananStalin Saravanan by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
 Ozone Day observed by school childrenOzone Day observed by school children by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
Nagercoil, International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was observed at the Adi Dravida Welfare Middle School, Udayadi on Friday by Tribal Foundationon on Friday, September 16. Delivering the key note address,
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