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David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.


 Crying For A VisionCrying For A Vision by David Sparenberg
Crying For A VisionBetweem Earth & SkyI am crying
 She Who Has Seen The Firebirds RisingShe Who Has Seen The Firebirds Rising by David Sparenberg
She Who Has Seen The Firebirds Rising Special thanks to Ursula Chapman who introduced me to the phrase “time of the firebirds rising”.
 Don't Tread On MeDon't Tread On Me by David Sparenberg
Don\'t Tread On MeShivaLord of the Cosmic Danceteach me to dance 
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 Political Science 101Political Science 101 by David Sparenberg
The first principle of Capitalism is profit before people.  Profit equates with property and thereby the first principle of Capitalism places property above people for the furtherance of exclusionary profit.
 Red BlanketRed Blanket by David Sparenberg
Red BlanketEarth is on fire.Who are the terroristscausing Earth’s conflagration? 
 In Defense of Certain of my Videos and WritingIn Defense of Certain of my Videos and Writing by David Sparenberg
 Words Defining Soul's PerceptionsWords Defining Soul's Perceptions by David Sparenberg
 Declaration of IndependenceDeclaration of Independence by David Sparenberg
People! People! People!  Do not be consoled.  Do not start saying to yourselves, This May Be the bastards’ last stand.  Rather, let us tell one another, THIS IS IT!  The criminalization of Earth and Humanity will no lo
 WitnessWitness by David Sparenberg
I am witness to this.  I saw it with my eyes.  I heard it with my ears.  I felt it as it happened.
 Odyssey Odyssey by David Sparenberg
My mind is full of images and rider of the rainbow-wind  Perhaps I am a king or one w
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