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David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.


 Rain Rain by David Sparenberg
Rain Here is Earth.  This is how She is.  Today it rains.Coming out from the trees, I go down to inlet waters.  Choppy waves under low wind.Gulls are dancing Maenads,
 Agony & HealingAgony & Healing by David Sparenberg
 Satyagraha Satyagraha by David Sparenberg
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 In Circle Mystic Blue  In Circle Mystic Blue by David Sparenberg
 Word & GestureWord & Gesture by David Sparenberg
 Emerald O' Sea Emerald O' Sea by David Sparenberg
 Come TogetherCome Together by David Sparenberg
Friends, don’t be indifferent, be engaged. Don’t delude yourselves, be beautif
 Walkingback Zarathustra Walkingback Zarathustra by David Sparenberg
 Voice of Andrea Bocelli Voice of Andrea Bocelli by David Sparenberg
 A Comic Book Of MetahistoryA Comic Book Of Metahistory by David Sparenberg
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