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Akli Hadid

Akli Hadid

Born in New York and lived in Mozambique, Colombia, Turkey, Algeria, France before settling temporarily in South Korea. Holds a Certificate and a B.A. in Foreign Languages with a Minor in Social and Economic Administration from the University of Nanterre, France, and an M.A. in International Relations majoring in Peace and Global Governance from Kyung Hee University, Seoul. He is completing a Certificate in Korean Language from Yonsei University, Seoul. Has advanced conversational skills in 8 languages. Worked as a researcher, a journalist and a translator. Interested in anything related to cultural and identity issues as well as global issues in general.
 10 things to fix unemployment in Arab states10 things to fix unemployment in Arab states by Akli Hadid
 Myths about Jews and IsraelisMyths about Jews and Israelis by Akli Hadid
A few myths and rebuttals about Jews and Israelis in no particular orderMyth: You can\'t criticize Israel in the media Here\'s how anti-Semitic media works. Be it YouTube channels, webzines or t
 Dating French men and womenDating French men and women by Akli Hadid
A man or a woman is an entire world to itself, but here are a few generalizations about dating French men and women. Dating French women -Going on dates is not common in France. What French wome
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 Cultural notes on IsraelCultural notes on Israel by Akli Hadid
Cultural notes on Israel, in no particular order. -Israelis all have ancestors who came from somewhere around the world. Stereotypes do not play a significant role. Israelis are used to seeing people from all over and enjoy
 Cultural notes on Arab countries and PersiansCultural notes on Arab countries and Persians by Akli Hadid
Cultural notes on Arab people and Persians, in no particular order. -A lot of Arabs and Persians don\'t have the desire to be loved but have the desire to be feared. Let me explain. -When trying to date men or w
 Cultural notes on KoreaCultural notes on Korea by Akli Hadid
Cultural notes on South Korea, in no particular order. -Korea has a rigidly stratified social order. Your age, the ranking of the university you went to, the ranking of the company you work for, your financial assets and yo
 Dating Korean men and women Dating Korean men and women by Akli Hadid
Every man and woman is an entire world to itself. But here are some generalizations on dating Korean men and women. Dating Korean women -Korean women are extremely status conscious and have very
 Dating Arab men and womenDating Arab men and women by Akli Hadid
A man or a woman can be an entire world by themselves, but here are some generalizations on dating Arab men or women. Dating Arab women -Social status is of extreme significance. Good social sta
 Sham marriages and scam marriagesSham marriages and scam marriages by Akli Hadid
Almost everything you need to know about sham marriages and scam marriages. Marriage is both a social arrangement and a love affair. Love marriages can be complicated, but some marriages were never meant to last in the firs
 Dating Israeli men and womenDating Israeli men and women by Akli Hadid
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