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Abigail George

Abigail George

Abigail George studied film and television production for a short while, which was followed by a brief stint as a trainee at a production house. She is a writer and poet. She has lived in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth but she is currently living in Port Elizabeth. She has had poetry published in print and online. She has had short fiction published online. In 2005 and 2008 she was awarded grants from the National Arts Council in Johannesburg. She is not purely devoted to poetry but to pursuing writing fulltime. Storytelling for her has always been a phenomenal way of communicating and making a connection with other people.
 Healing an old relationshipHealing an old relationship by Abigail George
Healing an old relationshipOn the wings and prayer of a dove    Leaves falling to the ground.    Poet first and writer second.
 The path of a womanThe path of a woman by Abigail George
The path of a woman    No anchor for this paper tiger empress.    No age of iron for this literary orphan.    Plath, Sexton, M
 Once upon a timeOnce upon a time by Abigail George
Once upon a timeI’ve been living undergroundlike graffiti, the grunge scene,gravity and volcanic rock forthe longest time. I’ve been m
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 Opening Pandora's Box in your thirtiesOpening Pandora's Box in your thirties by Abigail George
Opening Pandora’s Box in your thirtiesThere’s a loss to the windswept   day. The waves beautiful but I do not want to go into the water.
 Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown talkingWoman on the verge of a nervous breakdown talking by Abigail George
Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown talkingYou’re the hourglass andI’m the ungrateful child.I’m always pouring yourtea int
 Reflections of spring in a child's eyesReflections of spring in a child's eyes by Abigail George
Reflections of spring in a child’s eyesYou fill my soul with
 Shelter and protectionShelter and protection by Abigail George
Shelter and protection(for Julian, Mikale, Vincent and Ethan)    I think I’ve changed people’s minds    and a few hearts along the way
 Shepherd's FieldShepherd's Field by Abigail George
Shepherd’s Field(for Ambronese)    Our expectations were obsessive that Saturday.  
 The Holy Spirit and Mother MaryThe Holy Spirit and Mother Mary by Abigail George
 RainRain by Abigail George
Rain    She’s graceful. A wall of flame. She’s beautiful.    She’s the lover that I will never have. The morning
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