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Tutorial of Joy Tutorial of Joy
by David Barger
2017-07-25 08:30:30
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My life is green
Never allowing growth
To become weeded
In keeping the mind
Ever wanting to learn.

light01_400_02My soul is gold
Lined with prosperity
Not entangled with greed,
But the pleasure to enjoy
What each breath gives.

My enemy conspires
Daily against my being
Taunting me with whispers;
Trying to distract my focus
In every goal I have set,
And every reward I have gained.

My life does not end with breath
For I am aware of who I am,
And I know my God is everlasting!
He is bigger than my mountains.
He is my strength against fear;
All my hope is buried
Like a sought after treasure
That is hidden beneath invisible veils
Within His universe for all to witness.

My death is swallowed
Where hope grew and sprouted
Burning bright yellow
Because truth is always warm -
Wherein my life is forever green!

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