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British report British report
by Euro Reporter
2009-11-16 07:39:18
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Brown to apologise to care home children sent to Australia and Canada

Children were cut off from families and some falsely told they were orphans in programme that sent 150,000 abroad between 1920 and 1967. Gordon Brown is to offer a formal apology for the UK's role in sending tens of thousands of children to a new life in Commonwealth countries during the 20th century, many without the consent of their families.

Government records show that at least 150,000 children aged between three and 14 were taken abroad, mainly to Australia and Canada, in a programme that began in 1920 and did not stop until 1967. The children, almost invariably from deprived backgrounds and already in some form of social or charitable care, were cut off from their families or even informed, falsely, that they were orphans.

While their parents were told the child migrants had gone to a better life, in many cases they remained in institutions or were sent to farming families and treated as unpaid labour. A key subtext to the programme, particularly in relation to Australia, was an aim to supply Commonwealth nations with sufficient new white settlers.


Tories deny 'deal' with Murdoch

 The Conservatives have dismissed claims of a pact with media mogul Rupert Murdoch as "absolute nonsense". Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt told Sky News this was a "completely wrong and totally improper" allegation.

Last week, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said Mr Murdoch's News International and the Tories had "effectively formed a contract". This followed critical reporting in the Sun newspaper of Gordon Brown's letter to the mother of a dead soldier. The prime minister was accused of misspelling the surname of Jacqui Janes in his handwritten note.

It was also reported that he had overwritten a misspelt mention of Guardsman Jamie Janes, rather than restarting the note.


'Reckless' bankers face bonus cut

Bankers who take "reckless" risks with investments could be stripped of future bonuses, the government has said. City minister Lord Myners said banks must be "more secure", with taxpayers "never again" bailing them out.

The Tories called the measures, which would give more powers to the Financial Services Authority, "headline-chasing". The British Bankers' Association warned that these changes could threaten the UK's future as a "big global centre" for finance.

The Financial Services Bill will be part of the Queen's speech - which sets out legislative plans for the coming year - later this week.

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