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And that was June 2008... And that was June 2008...
by The Ovi Team
2008-07-01 08:57:43
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What have we learnt during the month of June? Well, Spain is the best European football team, Robert Mugabe is crazier than ever, Obama is the Democrat nominee, Bill Gates doesn't have a job, the world will get its first swirling skyscraper, eight-year-old party invitations are newsworthy, Ireland doesn't agree with the Lisbon Treaty, the Caribbean Monk Seal officially extinct, Cuba now offers free sex reassignment surgery and there's no end in sight for Darfur, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many of these and more were dutifully covered by our dedicated team of contributors over the past 30 days and, as I always say, only a certain number can receive an Ovi front cover, which have been collated once again and presented in totality inside this free PDF.

Dr. Habib Siddiqui has been sharing his thoughts on American politics, terrorism and Islam in a multi-part essay, with three chapters appearing as covers. Clint Wayne also scored three covers with an eclectic mix of topics even for him - the QE2, the Irish EU vote and the return of the beaver. Alexandra Pereira had a brace with an article discussing Yoko Ono's 100 Acorns for peace project and an extremely shocking interview with an imprisoned Finnish Conscientious Objector.

Vieno Vehko began the month with an article on the pollution of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Rene Wadlow highlighted the plight of child labour for World Children Day, Luis Alves presented the third part of his "Koistinen" series in Portugeuse and Matt Williamson finally shared the second chapter of his fictional story "Atalanta's Quest". Binoy Kampmark analysed a new commission on Nuclear Disarmament, Emanuel L. Paparella wrote about Tony Judt and the West's misremembering of history, Linda Lane revelaled how she stopped a fight in Bangladesh's Dhaka Airport and Bohdan Yuri completed the month of covers with a short poem entitled "desert sands".

Hugo Chavez, Hillary Clinton, Tuija Brax and Jose Barroso were on Thanos' June hitlist, while I presented the first chapter of my hit man story entitled "Michigan Jones: Hit Man" and a couple of reviews.

Thanks to everybody who has been involved with Ovi over the past month and we wish you all a pleasant summer.

The Ovi Team

Click here to download the PDF for free

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