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We All Collect We All Collect
by Jan Sand
2019-08-14 07:52:03
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One must always consider one’s self.
This is the quiet point from which
All disturbances arise.
collect01To be realistic,
The external is the center.
Perception is peripheral.
Nevertheless, since we fabricate by collage,
A thunderstorm, a feather, and the scent of sea
Is enough to make a world.
Enwrapping all is outside human capability.
The bundle is too bulky
And will break your back.
So, we collect.
Each with a shopping cart full of rags,
Here a bone from a pterosaur, green bottles,
A few empty tin cans, two clear glass marbles,
The photo of a child, the dried leaf of a fern.
And – if you are assiduous and realistic,
A small, rusted, locked, steel box
Full of concentrated pain.
Listening closely, one can hear
Faint screams.

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