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Trump Trump
by Jan Sand
2019-06-07 07:56:10
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It is unquestionable
His rough paw
Extends the elementary
Shock and awe
To define raw force
trumppoem_400Most required, of course
To fracture, scrap and crumble
The deadly idiocies
Of convention, tumble
Acceptance and placidity
That would promote
That deadly military machine,
Now set to commence
To wipe this planet clean
Of life and love and basic common sense.
A smash misconceived necessary,
Cruel, intense, immense.
But one must destroy to create.
We mammals probably would not exist
Without that astronomic fist
That obliterated dinosaurs.
The current politics
Completely ignores
This planet’s fragility.
Therefore, to frustrate
This juggernaut imbecility
One requires the thump
Of Mr. Chaotic Trump,
A creature unpredictable
And most clearly clear,
Vociferously conflictable.
With random skills of ignorance
This stone aged monster, most intense,
Could smithereen the death machine
To permit the rest of us
To discuss just how to clean
The current mess
And reconstruct what decent life could mean.

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