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Sunchaser's Escapades Sunchaser's Escapades
by Saloni Kaul
2019-05-20 07:50:02
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Sunchaser’s Escapades

So , as I tell, to cut long stories short, succinct ,
Wild conservation by elders-ancients in the system
Was inbuilt ; animals protected most by dint
Of sheer association , making gods of them.
The flying monkey god, of these the most endearing one,
Beloved Hanuman leaps monkeylike agile at all ,
Straight from birth hungry sunchaser thinking the sun
A fruit , chased to Indra’s heaven the golden ball.
Gold skinned, rubyfaced, long tailed, flies father windspeed,
Ram’s staunch ally, devotion’s tested to extreme,
In whirlwind haste brings herbs cure, his farfamed good deed,     
Even if it mean carrying whole mountain beams !
Who cares for common sense when escapades bring laughs  !
Ram’s trusted messenger upscales prowess, speed graphs.



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