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Utility Utility
by Jan Sand
2019-02-08 07:40:41
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We know that they are there
Lurking in their secret passageways,
Hooting high frequencies through their lair.
uni0001_01The sound itself chills the blood. It dismays
Any attempt to communicate, to find
Congeniality within this horrid race,
This concealed threat moved by its evil mind.
Counter-reaction must be made apace..
These Martians cleverly concealed canals
Sharply spotted by the Lowell scope.
H.G.Wells  long recognized these nasty animals
Who would descend to ravage Earth of hope.
But our wise leader now can foresee
This interplanetary threat to our nation
Which plans to assail our liberty.
Brave astronauts shall dispense annihilation.
The project must be made at high expense.
Education, health care, pensions will be sacrificed.
Huge benefits will nurture businesses of defense
Whose contributions will be generously priced.
Our delusions now are lost of WMDs
But we are confident of the threat from Mars
Which belittles terrorists in our communities.
We must now gird NASA for the stars.
Our wondrous foes are lost back in the past.
The Commies now gone but Mars retains ability
To endow a threat, perpetual, to last
For decades. What a magnificent utility!

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