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Hats off to Serbia Hats off to Serbia
by Clint Wayne
2007-05-14 07:34:50
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There you have it, Serbia deservedly won the Eurovision Song Contest because the voting proved it!!

Wrong. The voting proved just how the political block cartels, as I pointed out in my article on Saturday, have killed off what used to be an interesting ‘tongue in cheek’ evening's television viewing once a year.

Marija sung her way to victory gaining the maximum twelve votes from the former Yugoslavian states of Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro plus maximum votes from neighbours Slovenia and Hungary that’s 72 votes in total. Would they have won without them? The population of Serbia cunningly side-stepped their Balkan allies with their maximum quota going to neighbouring Hungary.

The sad fact of the matter is the whole contest is now a complete political farce. The Scandinavian pact also played their part with Denmark and Norway both giving maximum votes to Sweden, and hosts Finland received the same from Iceland and Sweden. Sadly Finland who do not see themselves as part of Scandinavia, everyone else in Europe does, voted maximum to Serbia. Get a grip!

As to be expected, all the former Russian states voted maximum to one another and Cyprus gave their usual maximum to Greece. Malta, bless them, gave their loyalty vote to the United Kingdom.

However, my real concern, which the ‘Media’ is presently ignoring, is that there seems to be a worrying theme emerging. Out of the 10 semi-finalist qualifiers only Turkey were not from either Eastern Europe or The Balkans, whereas the ‘Western Alliance’ of Cyprus, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Norway, Malta, Andorra, Belgium, Austria and outcasts Israel, twelve in all failed to reach the final. Were all their entries absolute rubbish or was there a hidden agenda?

Of the twenty-four finalists taking part only eight were from Western Europe and of those four, namely Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom are included automatically due to their essential financial input. Of the bottom eight places of Saturday Night’s Contest seven were from Western Europe, which does not bode well for next year's contest as the ‘Top Ten’ from Helsinki qualify automatically and the rest must qualify.

The way the Contest and voting system is now set up, a catchy little song from a Western Nation, similar to Sweden and Greece’s entries this year, will never again be victorious. How much longer the Western Television Nations and their audiences continue to finance the ‘Eastern Bloc Contest’ we will wait and see! Maybe till the Penny or the Euro drops!

Well done Finland though for a thoroughly enjoyable night confirming with all the little ‘film clips’ before each song that you are obsessed with snow. However, the interval entertainment production was mind-boggling with an urgent need of explanation.

Why was the man trapped in the bubble? Following the bare-chested Rocking Cellists, the Acrobats, Trapeze Artistes, Hoop Dancing and Fire Jugglers, proving that ‘Variety Entertainment’ is alive and kicking in Finland, he finally escaped. Upon breaking free from his plastic bubble, and thank heavens he had remembered to put his underpants on, he did what every other sane human being would do when they took their first breath of freedom…….. He swallowed a fluorescent tube!

Finland we love you!

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Ergotelina2007-05-14 15:05:10
The best eurovision ever
a lot of wonderful songs

Serbia deserved it
The "Song",the "voice" won

Even western countries voted her

Dimitrios2007-05-14 17:24:05
The population of Serbia cunningly side-stepped their Balkan allies with their maximum quota going to neighbouring Hungary.

The population of Serbia includes a numerous Hungarian minority.

Clint [in reply]2007-05-14 18:51:44
Thats my whole point the Western Nations did vote for her because of their non-bias but not one Eastern Bloc Nation voted maximum for a Western Nation!!!

Ergotelina2007-05-15 00:00:53

That's true

However,More true is the fact
that the eastern countries
(for so many years
behind the iron curtain)
have a strong desire
to show up their existance

The western ones have fep up
of wins,they don't care
about sending stunning euro-songs

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