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Say NO to Donald Trump, the enemy of the people
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-11-06 08:51:39
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Undoubtedly this is a never-before election, there will be winners and losers but there will be only one defeated, democracy. In an extreme polarized campaign period that will lead to an extreme polarized two-year long campaign period with unpredictable consequences for a nation deeply divided from political, race, religious or even class reasons. And if Trump loses then all these will get worst, mush worse.

tr000001_400If Trump loses. Donald Trump made it all about him even though Republican Party hated that. The GOP wanted to talk about the economy, they wanted to talk about unemployment rates and stock market but it all fell down to Trump’s white supremacism. It’s all about a prejudice and racist leader and he called for it. “It’s not about Gillum, it’s about me,” it’s not about Abrams, it’s about me,” “it’s not about O'Rourke, it’s about me,” and the list goes on and on wherever there is a strong Democrat candidate.

The US economy is doing well but this is consequence to many elements including Obama policies and Trump practices. There is even the element of timing but there is no glory on that. Truth said, it wouldn’t mater if Ted Cruse was President, Marco Rubio or even Jeb Bush; economy was going to improve and it only partially has to do with Trump per se. However the results of this long road have just appeared and Trump made it all about …the caravan. A bunch of weak, poor, tortured men, women and children transform overnight into the bogyman that terrifies the mighty US President. And then in was all about him.

A president who failed to unite, a president who failed to dignify the seat of the US President, a president who championed supremacism, racism, xenophobia, prejudice, inequality, fear. He turned an election into a referendum. The man cannot be replaced now except if he does what he said when he was campaigning back in 2016, shoot somebody in the middle of Madison Square. But there is a way to control him. If the Democratic Party gets the Capitol Hill. Literally take it. Not only the house of the representatives, not only the congress, but both.

The man is dangerous and he is not dangerous only for USA; what happened in Nigeria a few days ago when the police shot dead 45 students and then used as an excuse Trump’s words shows the huge impact he has globally and nothing for the good of the people. The man supports every single murderous dictator and dictatorship. He supports them but most dangerously, he supports their methods.

USA has never been all about internal economy. If that’s true then hundreds of thousands of human lives were lost in vein. Economy was not the reason to participate in WWI and definitely not the reason for fight in WWII. If economy was the reason for Korea, Vietnam and Iraq then all accusers of US is right, USA is a colonist imperialist, war monger. A vulture surviving with war looting. If that’s the picture Americans have for themselves then Trump is the right person.

But this is not America. This is not Lincoln’s America. This is not definitely Hemmingway’s America and definitely not Steinbeck’s, Fitzgerald or Salinger’s America. This is the backyard redneck, uneducated loser America, the laugh stock of universe.

Donald Trump made it all about him and this is a good reason to be defeated. Democracy must work in USA and stop a mad enemy of the people globally.

But, be prepared for the day after. He will return worst raving confederation flags and white capes. Be prepared and be ready for the war. This is just a battle on the way to regain democracy in USA.


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