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Thanksgiving Turkey, Fried Frog Legs, Little Tin Soldiers and the Vote !
by Leah Sellers
2018-11-06 08:51:53
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“I am so mad !”

“Why, Brenda Lea, I have never known you to be mad about anything,” her long time friend Karen said in surprise.

“Well, Karen, I am soooo mad, that I am thinking’ about Voting Democrat !”

“Well, honey, as you know, I am a died-in-the-wool Democrat. So, that is music to my ears.”

vote00000001_400“But, Brenda Lea, your whole Family has always been Republican. It’s a Family legacy. What is making you want to jump ship ?”

“Karen, I have been like a Frog on a slow boil. But Trump’s last mean-spirited Political Stunt has turned it up to a full blown boil, and this Frog is hopping out of the Hot Water Pot.”

“Trump has ordered my Dan and his troop down to the Border for that Brown Caravan that is hundreds of miles away from the Border to begin with anyway ! Most of them are on Foot ! And as a result, our Holidays have been ruined !” Brenda Lea exclaimed.

“All of Dan’s Family, many of whom he has not seen in years, are driving from out-of-state to spend Thanksgiving with Us this year, and Dan won’t be here ! Brenda Lea continued in exasperation.

“I had not heard that, Brenda Lea. What are you talkin’ about ? What is a Brown Caravan ?” Karen asked.

“You mean to tell me that you have not heard about those thousands - possibly millions by the time they finally reach our Borders - of Hondurans and Other Brown folks running away from the Violent Wars and Drug Lords and terrible Poverty down there ?” Brenda Lea queried.

“Well, they have formed a gigantic Caravan, and they are headed our way. And they call the Caravan Brown, because they are all Brown people.”

“Trump keeps saying that they are Invading our Borders. And he is setting up all of those For Profit Tent Prisons for them, just like the ones he set up when they Separated all of the Children from their Parents down there a few months ago.”

“In fact, that’s when I started to sour on Trump, because I can’t tolerate the fact that America is doing that to folks. We should not be Separating Children from their Parents. That’s just plain Sinful.”

“We need to find better ways of handling all of this Immigration Thing. Our Congress needs to get together and come up with a Just and Humane Immigration Plan for everybody wanting to move here,” Brenda Lea said emphatically.

“Boy howdy, do I ever agree with that !” Karen concurred. “And Brenda Lea, when we were kids we used to lay out at the city pool for hours to get a nice Brown tan. So, what is all of this fuss over skin color ?”

“What in the world does skin color have to do with anything ? Oh yeah, that’s right. How could I forget. Our recent Electoral College, not Popular Vote, President Trump is a Con Man, Misogynistic, Xenophobic, Racist ! So, what’s new ?!” Karen asked pointedly.

“Brenda Lea, I love you like a Sister, but We Reap what We Sow. You let a Rotten, stinking Sour Apple into the Barrel of the White House, and sooner or later the rot and decay are gonna’ get to You. That’s the Trickle Down Effect of the Trumpian Regime Machine.”

“Dan is just a Little Tin Soldier to Play with to Man-boys like Trump, Brenda Lea. He doesn’t think about their personal lives or needs. It’s all about Him and His getting The Win come November 6th.”

“If Trump can rile up his cheering, applauding and lauding Zombie Fan Base with Red Meat that will make their Racist and Xenophobic Hearts salivate, he’ll do it. And he’ll use Our Military to Win his Political Aims to do it. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past him to create a War so that he could manipulate and force a Win in 2020 !” Karen said hotly.

“Well, I don’t know anything about that, but I do know that Trump said that if the Soldiers get Stones thrown at them by anybody in the Brown Caravan that they can Shoot them ! And I don’t want Dan to be put into that position ! Brenda Lea said insistently.

“And Dan doesn’t want to be put into that position. He fought in Afghanistan. He helped make things Calm and Orderly in some villages and towns there. He doesn’t want to be Ordered to Shoot Stone Throwers !”

“Brenda Lea, those Folks are desperate and just looking for Brighter Skies Ahead to Live under. They Need our Kindness, our Compassion under the Rule of Law. Not our guns and bullets.”

“Not an ugly Political Stunt and Cloud of nasty Racism and drummed up Fear thrown at them at The Border. I’m hoping that more Rational and Just Minds will Rule the day. But we’ll see,” Karen sighed.

“Karen, thank you, for listening to me selfishly complain about all of this. I know that you weren’t expecting hat when you popped by for a visit.”

“Don’t mention it Brenda Lea, you Voting Democrat this year is something to Hop and Ribbit about, Hon. Ha !”

“Sometimes we all gotta’ have a Hurricane Harvey go through our lives to Wake Us Up and Make Us Aware of what’s really happening around Us and what’s really Important in Life.”

“Oh, Karen, I’m just so Heartsick. I don’t even want to have Thanksgiving here anymore. But I don’t want to disappoint everybody, and I’ve already bought the huge Turkey and Smoked Ham and all of the other Fixin’s” Brenda Lea said sadly.

“Well, maybe it’s not too late to switch out the Thanksgiving Turkey for some Day of Reckoning Frog Legs. They’re mighty tasty when fried.” Karen grinned.

“Oh, Karen will you be serious ? This is not a laughing matter.” Brenda Lea chided.

“Honey, in my Life’s experience, Laughter is always the Best Medicine in times of Peril. And we are definitely living in Perilous Times.”

Brenda Lea smiled, “Well, for curiosity’s sake, how many Frog Legs do you think we’ll need to make up for an absentee Thanksgiving Turkey ?”

Karen laughed outright and said, “Now, we’re hoppin’ !”


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