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The Invadin', Flesh Eatin' Armadillo Refugees
by Leah Sellers
2018-11-05 08:17:36
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“Yeah, Charlie, that Brown Caravan with all of those needy Immigrants called Refugees are headin’ toward our Borders, and we still do not have that gol’ durned Trumpian Wall built, ‘cause of all of those pesky Bleedin’ Heart Liberals, and the Land Owners who don’t want it built on their property,” Hank drawled.

“And these Immigrant-Refugees are carryin’ Small Pox and Leprosy ! Hank continued.

“Each one of those varmints has a Armadillo tucked under their armpits. And we all know that Leprosy grows in those critters long snouts. And Small Pox probably does, too,” Hank said hotly.

carav00001_400“One Armadillo Sneeze at the Border, and we’ll all be wiped out by a Flesh Eatin’, Small Pox Zombie makin’ Plague ! We gotta’ stop ’em, now, by golly !”

“Yep, I heard all about that on FOX News and Bannon’s Brietbart Papers. We are in trouble alright, Hank. Who wants to live in the Land of Small poxed, Flesh Eatin’ Zombies. Not me, I’ll tell ya’,” Charlie grumbled.

“Hey, did you hear about Billy Bob buyin’ that local Liquor Store downtown and managin’ it now ?” Hank asked suddenly. He was known to hop from one subject to another without rhyme or much reason.

“Yep, sure did. He is now a proud Legalized Drug Dealer,” Charlie answered.

“What ?” Hank asked in surprise.

“Sure, he just switched out dealin’ in Illegal Mary Jane for Legal Alcohol. But either way, he’s still dealin’ in Drugs.,” Charlie explained.

“Well, I never quite thought of it that way,” Hank admitted slowly.

“Well, what other way is there ?” Charlie asked rhetorically.

“But I love my Beer,” Hank whined.

“I do, too, Hank, but Beer is Alcohol. And Alcohol is a Drug that alters the chemistry of the Brain and the Body. We just legalized it, that’s all,” Charlie said matter-of-factly.

“Well, at least I’m not addicted to Opioids,” Hank said proudly. “Takes a person of weak and questionable character to be addicted to those dastardly things.”

“Yeah, glad I’m only addicted to my Beer,” Charlie said happily. “Makes my Life a lot simpler to be addicted to a legalized and popular Drug. I feel cool drinkin’ it and look cool doin’ it. Just like those advertisements on t.v., and on billboards everywhere.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, jelly bean,” Hank agreed easily. “Speakin’ of Beer, I’ve gotta’ six-pack in my cooler in the back of my pick-up. You want one ?”

“Sure thing, Hank,” Charlie grinned. “You ever know me to turn down a cool one ?”

“Nope, can’t say that I have,” Hank laughed. “Meanwhile we can strategize about how we’re gonna’ help keep those Small poxed, Flesh Eatin’, Zombie Immigrant-Refugees in that invadin’ Brown Caravan from over-runnin’ our Borderlands !”

“I’m thinkin’ we should form a Citizen’s Militia and go down there and give Trump and his Military a hand keepin ’em out and runnin’ them off. Armadillos and All !” Hank added as he and Charlie walked toward his ’ole pick-up and cooler of Beers.

“Help ’em Stand Their Ground !” Charlie said with a raised fist. “Now, that’s an idea worth toastin’ over a cool one. I’ll start oilin’ up my brand new Walmart AR-15 Special. She’s a Beaut !”


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