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Barren World
by Nikos Laios
2018-09-14 07:40:30
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Barren World

I walk with a dog-eared
Copy of Bukowski in my pocket,
I follow his common vernacular
Through the streets,
Economical and stark.

img_1635_ancient_forest_400The stars are twinkling
And I can hear muffled
Jazz through dirty windows;
Blonde angels are dancing
On poles in the pub,
An old man next door
Prepares a canvas to
The sounds of blues.

I follow his words
Through dark
Barren streets
Like a guide;
I walk in the shoes
Of Sisyphus
In a landscape
Of despair.

The morning light comes
And falls on the water
In the harbour
Like dapples
Of gold.

The sunlight
Falls on
Closed shutters
And rusted shop signs
And newspaper stands,
And I could smell
The fragrant aromas wafting
From the local bakery
As I walked to the
Rock pool.

I stripped and dove
Deep Into the frigid cold
Salty water and
I could see shapes
Of the city floating
Above melting
Like a Surrealist

It was moments
Like this when light
Pierced the darkness
Illuminating raw beauty
That mattered.

Illuminating lyrical moments
When poetry, art, music
And humanity fused
To make existence
Possible and worth living,
Worth enduring,
In our barren
And empty


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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