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Trump should share Nobel Prize, if North Korea peace deal goes through Trump should share Nobel Prize, if North Korea peace deal goes through
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2018-05-10 07:48:11
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Trump should share Nobel Prize, if North Korea peace deal goes through
By George Cassidy Payne

When Donald Trump won the 2016 Republican primary in Iowa, I started my literary protest against everything his campaign stood for. I even called Iowans who voted for him treasonous. Rarely have I missed an opportunity to criticize his policies. 

That said, I believe that Trump is on the verge of achieving a diplomatic goal that would merit a share of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

tr00001_400If he is able to negotiate a peace deal with North Korea, by getting them to stop their nuclear weapons program, there is no reason he would not deserve this prestigious honor. 

Can anyone imagine a more important project right now than to establish a working relationship with North Korea or getting the rogue nation to give up its nuclear ambitions? 

Anyone who is seriously thinking about the problem of a nuclear North Korea understands the immense victory for humanity it would be if Kim Jong-un took measures to establish a diplomatic relationship with the outside world.

If President Trump is able to meet the North Korean ruler with a plan that satisfies that country’s perceived need to be safe, that would be an incredible achievement for world peace and prosperity. Besides, far less worthy recipients have been awarded the Nobel. Here in America, the names Woodrow Wilson, Cordell Hull, and Henry Kissinger come readily to mind

I call upon my fellow progressive liberals to support the president if he has real peace on his agenda. It doesn’t matter how much he has messed up in the past. The past does not need to dictate the future. 

The stakes are simply too high to allow short-sighted disagreements to get in the way of a deal that brings North Korea back from the nuclear ledge. 

So if President Trump is aiming for world stability and to help the Korean people, that would be the single most positive revolutionary change in the world situation today. The time to get on board the peace train is now. Any effort at creative dialogue is better than unchecked military hostility, sabre rattling, economic sanctions, and a total breakdown in communication between our two nations.

Of course this position will not be popular with those who think Donald Trump is categorically inept at everything he does. I can already hear a chorus of detractors seething with fierce indignation. Professor, you must be painfully oblivious to the fact that the Korean summit transpired without any influence from Trump. It just happened to occur whilst on his watch. Professor, how can someone who is pulling from the Iran deal be interested in peace? Don't you know that credit should be given to Kim and Moon for taking the initiative? Professor, Trump for Nobel? A good joke. He just started WWIII with China. Professor, how about the hydrogen bomb accident and earthquake? Weren't they stepping stones to all of this? Don't you know that many of the people killed in that accident were his scientists?

Fair enough. But I think the fundamental question is this: Does encouragement from the United States of America help or hinder Korean peace efforts? If the answer to this question is yes, then it is obvious that Trump's active promotion of peace in the peninsula has made a major difference. In order for South Korea to feel comfortable enough to have these talks, they need the moral and strategic blessing of the United States. In order for North Korea to believe peace talks are worth the effort, they need assurance that the U.S. genuinely wants them to succeed. Trump, whether he is fully aware of what he is doing or not, has provided this blessing through his words and actions.


George Cassidy Payne, adjunct professor, State University of New York


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