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The Blue Devils - My Personal Experiences with Canada's Conservative Party The Blue Devils - My Personal Experiences with Canada's Conservative Party
by Mirella Ionta
2018-01-20 08:41:26
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It must come as no surprise to my readers that politics is a nasty game. I knew it was before I considered applying for a candidate position in the conservative party but I kept on hoping that, maybe just maybe, there would be a place for me in the world of politics. I naively believed that my ideas and vision for Canada would outshine the political game and that they would serve as a sensible alternative to the dark abyss that is the status quo.

I was given a dose of the true reality of it all early on as a member of the party, when I was participating more actively in meetings and conferences. Everything was going well until I expressed my interest in becoming a candidate for the party in the next elections. Games of power-playing, aloofness, and hostility began.

There were fake smiles and handshakes at first and then came the verbal abuse, the condescension, the power-tripping only seconds later. I do not know why, in my dealings with party members and coordinators, I never felt so disgusted in my life. I came to know how an Anglo-style indifference and complacency, mobster-like sabotage, and fake politeness constitute the Conservative Way.

It is not like I had never met jerks in the past. There were many that I unfortunately encountered. What makes politicians and party members jerkier is that they are pretentious and sneaky about their jerkiness whereas the previous jerks I had met knew they were jerks and were not pretentious about it.

I was planning to go to Halifax, Nova Scotia to present my ideas. I scrapped this plan. I do not want to associate with them. I am just not inspired. And that was just the beginning. I was dipping my toes in the water to test it and I already felt that icy uneasy feeling freezing my bones. I was not even nominated yet and I already saw the evil tactics of hypocrisy, intimidation, power-playing, sabotage, triviality, and aloofness at play, tactics that John F. Kennedy warned everyone of in his famous speeches.

They do not want to know about your ideas. Intellectual is a word that does not exist in their vocabulary. They just want someone to be a puppet of the corporate agenda who poses with fake smiles in front of cameras. A prospective candidate must also be able to raise money for his or her campaign, which implies that he or she must try to rub shoulders with the wealthy and get them to donate. This is not really my thing. I am more about ideas.

Holding onto my crucifix, I refused to play the political game, I wanted no part in it. The Conservative Party is playing the same game as the Liberals, only in different coloured ties. The Cons succumb to moral relativism and get caught in the traps of exaggerated political correctness while hypocritically making hateful backdoor deals.

My participation in those Conservative Party meetings was a waste of time. I should have spent that time on activities that lead to a result. At least I can say I tried to enter politics and make a difference but there is no way an honest person can make it in that corrupted world without selling his or her soul to Satan himself.


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Bonnie Llyod2018-01-21 23:51:39
The conservatives will just create communism and culture wars just like the Liberals and reward all the mediocre losers because they cannot seem to admit when there is talent, they are full of jealousy and envy. We have never seen a good leader and probably never will in a long time.

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