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An Urgent Report from Miami on Hurricane Irma An Urgent Report from Miami on Hurricane Irma
by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
2017-09-12 07:40:48
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An Urgent Report from Miami on Hurricane Irma and A Convenient Conspiratorial Truth:
the Collusion between Mother Nature and the Liberals


As I write this from Miami on September 10 2017, hurricane Irma is at work pounding the whole Florida peninsula with category five winds, tornados, flooding, surging waters, impassable roads, flying debris, lack of gasoline, falling trees, caving roofs, loss of electrical power, lack of shelter, water, food, medicines. Nothing shows the vulnerability of man vis a vis nature as a hurricane.

Even the winter resort of President Caligula has not been spared by Mother Nature and has had to be boarded up and evacuated. Human power and influence is dwarfed by nature’s awesome powers. A real disaster and an inconvenient truth indeed: a president or an emperor, mad or sane as they may be, cannot order around Mother Nature. Nero killed his own mother, it is true, but that did not appreciably cure him of his madness. We seem to be back to mythological times with the gods on Mount Olympus and we poor human creatures as their laughing stock at the mercy of natural causes.


Obviously something is not quite right here. Most people have long ago noticed that in the last few decades all kinds of terrible abnormal natural events have been occurring with increasing frequency. Most scientists, while duly studying and noticing the disturbing phenomenon, have long ago sounded the alarm.

Eventually this awareness and acknowledgment of global warming and climate change has led to the Paris climate accord among concerned nations of the world, signed, only a few years ago, by President Barack Obama and many other world leaders. It was then, and it remains now, the only reasonable and rational thing to do. You’ll never know it, however, from the pronouncements of right-wing pundits and politicians in the US and elsewhere who have misguidedly withdrawn from the Paris accord.

The likes of Donald Trump, the Coke brothers, Anne Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh, all proud owners of resort places in Florida, where they frequently come in winter time, have recently discovered and reported a new idiotic conspiracy theory in the form of a traitorous collusion between liberal media and mother nature.


Those “environmental geniuses” surmise that the inconvenient truth of their Florida homes being devastated and having to be evacuated due to water surges, perhaps even lost to the forces of an angry and “nasty” mother nature, is due to nothing else than a nefarious hidden conspiracy between her and the conspiratorial liberal media. They are in collusion on the destruction of their homes in Florida.

This is nothing short than the world of madness. The world of the sowing and final reaping of the whirlwind.


Yes, indeed, you have heard right! If there are hurricanes threatening these VIPs’ homes it is because the spiteful liberal media, in conspiracy with a nasty and recalcitrant mother nature, have sent them their way. How else to explain it? One explains it perhaps by revisiting the infamous movie “Idiocy.” It may give us a hint of an answer. The politicians and the pundits of course continue their denial but the real inconvenient truth may be that they deserve to all be sent to an insane asylum of sorts, never mind being our guides and leaders. That would indeed be the sane and reasonable thing to do.


In conclusion one surmises that, when it comes to the ways and byways of mother nature, having tried knowledge for a while, we are now on our way to trying a brand new, if idiotic, experiment: we are trying ignorance and with it we are trying to establish a new reality in the post-modern era of post-truth. It’s idiocy revisited. Where that will eventually lead was predicted and superbly described by Plato some 24 hundred years ago with his famous “myth of the cave.”

Welcome to the cave. It’s a shelter of sorts, no doubt, that will shelter you in some way from natural disasters. It is even somewhat socially comfortable, it is inhabited by many other ignoramuses of a similar frame of mind which will supply support and comfort, but the ultimate results may not be a very convenient truth for everybody concerned. It can only sustain itself by appearances and delusions.

In any case, stay tuned. The best may still be coming, but be prepared for the worst: the loss of a sense of reality, or even worst, the loss of one’s humanity which Kierkegaard called “the sickness unto death.” To be sick and not even to know it is indeed the ultimate sickness unto death beyond natural disasters or human biological diseases. It’s the sickness of the soul, which, according to Socrates, is faster than death, and once it has you in its firm grasp she may not relent so easily; it may even make a hurricane look like a pic nick of sorts.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-09-12 09:29:20
A footnote: A recent comment of three words by Pope Francis on Climate change deniers says it all in all its irony: "Man is stupid."

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