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A Bad Dream I Need to Wake Up from...... A Bad Dream I Need to Wake Up from......
by Leah Sellers
2017-09-12 07:40:25
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“What are you busy sketchin’ out there, Betty Jean ?”  Marvin asked as he walked into the kitchen for his first cup of coffee.
“I’m just fiddlin’ around with a few architectural ideas for Cities of the Future, Marvin,”  Betty Jean answered as she continued to sketch away.
“You want me to warm up your coffee ?”  Marvin asked.
disas1_400“Oh. would you, Hon ?”  Betty Jean looked up smiling appreciatively.  “Just a splash from the coffee pot would be fine.  Thank you.”
As Marvin poured more coffee into Betty Jean’s cup, he perused her drawings.  “Betty Jean, I don’t mean to offend, but those look like a bunch of women’s breasts scattered all over the ground you’ve got drawn there.”
“Leave it to a man to see somethin’ like that right off the bat, Marvin, but, now that you’ve called my attention to it, I guess they do,”  Betty Jean concurred.
“I call them my Mound Homes,” Betty Jean explained.
“Mound Homes ?”
“Marvin, the Cities of the Future need to be more aerodynamic and built more into the ground, with all of the severe weather changes facin’ us in the future,”  Betty Jean further explained.
“No more Erection Projection Skyscrapers, Marvin.  As impressive as they might be,”  Betty Jean grinned.
“With Climate Change, and the Polar Ice Caps meltin’ and shiftin’, the Earth with change.  Wind Storms like tornadoes and hurricanes will worsen, and get way more fierce.  Islands and Oceanic Boundaries will disappear.  Cities will have to move inland to higher ground.  Dense populations will become denser.”
“The way Folks create and use Energy and Land will have to Change.  The way we plant and grow Food, and raise Animals and Insects to eat, will have to be adaptable as well.”
“See the Solar Panels I have inlaid and inset at the top of the Mound Homes, Marvin, and the indoor-outdoor air-filter and converter ?”
“Is that what they are ?”
“Uh-huh,”  Betty Jean answered absent mindedly.  “And these things surroundin’ the Mound Homes, and revealed inside the Mound Homes. are the indoor and outdoor Gardens that are planted on Hydroponic Shelving, with a special waterin’ system that uses hardly any Water at all.”
“I’ve got the indoor Gardens’ drainage areas all worked out.  And they empty out into a large Underground Cistern to be re-used rotationally that also collects Rain Water for the Gardens and the Mound Home to use, and separates the two, all the while usin’ the pull of Gravity and not a Water pump.”
“And here’s the Septic tank and the Septic System.”
“Now, Earthquakes, will still be problematic, but I’m still workin’ on that part.  And metal plates and concrete are the primary materials I’m considering right now, along with Earth, Stone and Grass.”
“And, also, if we have a Nuclear Holocaust, folks will be safer Underground.  In fact, I also have an area set aside for the animals to be stabled Underground as well, if need be.”
“But, I’ve got to figure out how to handle the animal’s dung, and their expellations of methane gases.”
“Methane gases ?”
“Yes, there might even be ways to collect the gases and use it for Energy as well,  and route their dung and urine to the Septic system somehow,”  Betty Jean replied seriously.
“I’m not eatin’ anything that’s been cooked with gases out of some ‘ole cow or goat’s rear end, Betty Jean,”  Marvin grumbled.
“Marvin, when catastrophe strikes folks will find themselves livin’ in ways and doin’ things they never thought they would,”  Betty Jean chided.
“Betty Jean, are you truly worried about a Nuclear Holocaust ?  Is that why you’re wantin’ to put everybody inside of Breast Houses ?”  Marvin asked.
“Marvin, we are livin’ in uncertain and changin’ times.  We all need to be lookin’ at the way we’re doin’ things differently,”  Betty Jean answered.
“We need to Adapt and Change as well in order to survive and exist in Constructive and Productive ways, and not Panicked and Destructive Chaos.”
“Marvin, where are you goin’, Hon ?  I’m almost finished here.”
“I’m goin’ back to bed, Betty Jean.  I think there’s a Bad Dream I Need to Wake Up from.”


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