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A Dove Ascends From Open Hands A Dove Ascends From Open Hands
by David Sparenberg
2017-09-11 11:01:43
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A Dove Ascends From Open Hands
an address to the opposition

Listen to me: time brings forgetfulness or memories; silliness or bitterness or wisdom.  My friend, if you are boiling to the surface with resentment, frustration, anger, turn these life destroying forces down into profound reflection.  Do not live in surface reactions.  Go to the root—open your soul.  Have you been told that the radical depth is forbidden?  Free yourself from that lie: the education of exploitation and betrayal.  Go to the root—open your soul.

Do not hate others because they are different.  Hatred is corruption and will fester into crime.

dove1_400To live in the way of reverence and walk lightly on this Gaia-Earth, you need to be healed from corruption; you need to be free of crime.

Do you desire change?  Do you believe that change must happen and you are prepared to take part in the happening?  Set standards; standards, not ideologies of dirt.

Hold these in high esteem.  Live them in disciplined dedication.  This is the way of examples: being avatars of truth-force and rainbow warriors.

Make listening part of your becoming.  Without listening to the pathos and the passion and the unmitigated, very real vulnerabilities of others there is no understanding.  Instead of understanding, there is pretense—the insecurity of pretense and the arrogance—and pretense too is corruption.

Be healed of corruption and you will be free of crime.

Strive always—the process of your becoming is your life long work of art: set compassion and commensality as touchstones of your standards.  Set compassion and commensality as altars of your journey.

When this is being done, you will be witness to change. Feelings of change will abide with you.  In that condition, you will be able to share without loss; to give without depletion.

Strive always—the process of your becoming is your life long work of art: do not harden, weary of growing.  Include empathy, at all levels and in all directions, horizontal, vertical.  Without empathy, there is no recognition and without recognition no true respect.  My friend, when respect is absent, relationships fail.

Importantly: do not resort to violence because of who you are.  You are naturally a part of others and naturally too of otherness; a native participant; miraculously you are unique.  Do not oppose the otherness of others.  Do not deny diversity or history. Embrace the adventures of uniqueness.

Listen to me now: I have traveled this road before. Here is what I say for the benefit of everyone.  Justice can be realized without aggression.  Denial falls apart when confronting the integrity of the human family.  Peace will come to you, friend, when you let go of hatred.

A dove ascends from open hands.


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Emanuel Paparella2017-09-11 15:09:03
Thank you for those words of wisdom and timely reminders, David.

Indeed, wisdom is perennial, and so is hatred and corruption. We have been down this road before.

I can just hear Socrates’ injunction, that wise man of ancient Athens, who recommended the care of the soul, and who just before accepting the hemlock from his executioners reminded his friends that “the issue my friends is not whether I live or die, but whether corruption, which is faster than death, catches up with you and once she has caught up, she may not easily let you go.”

Today we have those who trust only in the power of their weapons shooting at hurricane Irma because “we will not take it lying it down.” How silly and how monstrous.

No doubt about it, corruption (a companion to hatred) is a perilous disease of the soul. Let’s hope “the opposition” is listening to your wise words with an open mind and heart.

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