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The Wheel-of-the-Suckers-and-the-Sucked..... The Wheel-of-the-Suckers-and-the-Sucked.....
by Leah Sellers
2017-09-06 06:59:37
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Trump is a CEO Autocrat.  He barks an order and expects Obeisance and Heads to Roll.
Kim-Jong-Un is a Monarchical Bureaucratic Autocrat.  He barks an order and expects Obeisance and Heads to Roll.
Trump is a Narcissistic, Amoral Con Man.  A Spoiled, Petulant, Rich Boy Brat.  A Bully. A Tantrummer.  He’s used to pushing and pulling around at Folks in order to get His Will to Be Done His Way (and the sooner the better).  He lacks Empathy, because he lacks many of the Experiences of Others which would offer it to his overall Psyche, and because he genuinely cares about no one but HimSelf and Extensions of HimSelf.  He believes that most Folks are Suckers to be Sucked upon by Folks like HimSelf.
trkium1_400Kin-Jong-Un is much the Same, and has actually left Dead Bodies behind, some of them his own Kin, in order to show and prove to the His Crew, His Sucked upon People and the World What and Who he really is.
Does anyone really expect anything Good to come out of or from this Toxic Duo Locally, Nationally or Globally ?
And as for all of this Talk of “Limited Action” against North Korea in order to get them straighten up and fly right (sigh).  That is a Tragic Hoax and Failed Policy Parody.  Any confrontation with Tragic Functioning Lunatics and their Tragic Dys-functional Lunacies is never “Limited” or “Short-lived”.
Anti-Positive Energy Leaders like the Trumps and Kim-Jong-Uns of the World are pretty Good at connecting to their Audiences - excuse me - Constituents within the Frame of the Dark Energy Dys-functional Lunacies they are Promoting in actuality for their own Self-Aggrandizements, Fears and Prejudices.
A big part of their Razzle-Dazzle Machinery and Routine is making their Audience - excuse me- Constituents believe that they are supporting what’s best for Them, when in Reality it ‘s not.  It’s all about Them.  Their Self-Promotion.  Their Self-Enrichment.  Their Fears and Prejudices.  Everyone else is taken for a Ride as a Vehicle of their own Dark Energy Dys-functional Lunacies of Control, Self-Glorification and Profit.
So, while the Republican Party (for the most part) has decided to Choose Party Loyalties and Concerns over Loyalty to America and her Concerns by continuing to Protect a President who is and will continue to Sell America down the Drain for a Buck that gets Sucked into His Pocket and the Pockets of His Family and so-called Friends.  They are all continuing to endanger the Life of America’s Great Democracy and Unified Republic.  E Pluribus Unum.
And Kim-Jong-Un and his cronies and cohorts are also endangering their own People and the World to do what ?  Create more Nuclear and Hydrogen Bombs and Missiles that with the push of an itty-bitty button can mutilate, melt away and destroy Whole Nations and their Peoples, and eventually chews, grinds, explodes and implodes the Earth’s Existence right out of its very own Galaxy ?!
Do We Earthlings really Need or Want Leaders and Scientists such as
These ?  These types of Profiteering, Glory-Hounding, Self-Aggrandizing, Fear-based, Lunatic Nightmare creating Destroyers ?  Do We ?!
Why do We continue to Create and Re-Create the Wheel-of-the-Suckers-and-the-Sucked……….?!


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