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The sad woman The sad woman
by Abigail George
2017-09-07 10:03:39
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The sad woman

   sad1_400 I am older. You are older mother.
    Vain. Set in your ways. Habits.
    Years of the habits of a pretty woman behind you.
    You’re an orphan. I’m grown but
    Still a child. Your child and daily
    I become more like you. I move in
    The world the same way that you did
    When you were my age. Once, I was
    In my thirties. Attractive-looking.
    Now I am forty-plus. Unconventional-
    Looking. You, mum, are still beautiful.

And the habits of a beautiful woman die hard.

    What always saved me was the chair.
    The therapist’s chair. Talking sessions
    With someone who did what you
    Never could do to me, mother and that
    Was listen. Listening to me, was all
    That I ever wanted and you could never
    give that to me. There’s all this history in

my family with my aunts. Babs, Magda (my second mother).

    I wasn’t hospitalised for depression
    this year. For every season, there’s a
    madness reality that I cannot fathom.
    So, I live with a kind of quiet courage
    from the depths of my soul, the river
    and salt and storm of the journal that
    I write my thoughts in daily and I pray
    That my mother and father will love me
    till the end of my days. That a parental love will carry me through till the end of my life.
    Hemingway drove ambulances during the war.
    Already in primary school I speaking

    proper English. Children made mad fun
    of me. Mother was very unforgiving.
    She told me I should laugh with them.
    School was like going to war on a daily
    basis. I am writing this poem to thank the
    psychiatrists in my life. The men and women who saved me.
    Who saved my soul. I am writing this
    poem for a woman who did not love me

back even when I gave her my heart. I, me, myself surround her now with the healing light of words.

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