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Mystical Sage Mystical Sage
by Nikos Laios
2017-08-31 10:20:37
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Mystical Sage

It was a vision;
The melting camels,
The towers and clocks,
The crucified blocks,
Cracked white enamel.

a_study_in_colours_400Old desert sages
And mystical pages;
The mournful purges
And soulful dark dirges;
Wailing, flailing
Washed, cleansed
And free of fears
And dried tears.

Like malleable clay,
Gnarled cliffs of grey
The rivers were seeping,
The nations were sleeping.

Souls sucked
Through straws;
Through sandstone
And lime, leaching
And bleaching
The swaying
Green pines.

Infinitesimal and small;
The angles and slopes
A forlorn lost hope;
The rolling rock boulder
A push from the shoulder.

The washing
Blue waves
Of lyrical visions
And ancient revisions
Mingling like butter;
The absurd and sublime.

Sliding and gliding,
An amalgam, a blend;
Shipwrecked and stranded
On our human shore.

The death throes
And birth-pangs,
Falling and splashing
On rough-hewn stone,
And dry bleached bones;
Building star bridges
With golden straw ridges
Washing and swirling,
Dancing and twirling.

All the hope
Of the world
Rolled up in a ball,
A mustard seed
Floating through
Time and space;
To bathe in the river
That cathartic life-giver.

The creeds and the crimes,
The dogmas and times;
Like melting gold camels,
Towers and clocks,
On crucified blocks;
A vision, an age
A mystical sage.

I can see it all,
I can see it all,
Rolled up in a ball.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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