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A Texas Partial Solar Eclipse A Texas Partial Solar Eclipse
by Leah Sellers
2017-08-26 09:15:58
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A Texas Partial Solar Eclipse
My Partial Solar Eclipse Journey
Is to the large, lofty Oak Tree at the back of the Field
The Oak Tree that Homes
The Mockingbird Family Nest
The Oak Tree that the murder of Seven Crows often visit
eclip1_400For afternoon siestas, gossipy play and hunting sprees
I have no fancy-pantsy, and highly publicized and profitized
Solar Eclipse Glasses
No piece of Cardboard with a Pin Hole
And a Piece of Paper
To offer me a disappointing Second-Hand View
Of The Magnificent
No, just me, and the Sun dappled Oak Tree
And its usual Inhabitants
The Birds and Squirrels
And wriggling and buzzing Bugs
I Wonder -
Will the Horses, Goats and Cows
Respond to the Solar Eclipse ?
Be Aware of its Atypical Scientific and Natural Magic and Mystique ?
It’s 1:00 p.m.
Close to Solar Eclipse Pique Time
I had better quicken my pace
The Great Oak Tree is in view
Almost there
I will repose beneath its shady boughs
And await the Moments of Magnificence
Quietly, Mindfully, Purposefully
Heart and Soul Wide Open
My Ever-ready Sense of Wonder
Full of excited Expectation
There’s that Mother Doe with her spotted Fawn
Good, perhaps they won’t spook and run off
Perhaps, they’ll just continue to peacefully nibble at the greenery
And Share these Precious Moments with MySelf
And all of the other munching, snorting, nickering, lowing, naaa-ing
Herd Animals surrounding the Great Oak Tree
Finally, I place my Hand upon the wide, rough trunk
Of the Great Oak, and whisper,
“Thank you, Great One.  I’m so glad you’re here
In this quiet part of this particular Green Field.
What a Gift you are to and for so many,
And for so many various Reasons.”
Alright, it is 1:10 p.m.
I walk out toward the edge of the Great Oak’s leafy cover
I stare at the Ground
Instead of the blazing, blinding Sky
It feels a little Cooler
The Breeze has picked up a bit
And there They are
Hundreds of Them facing in all directions
Shadow and Light Solar Eclipse Crescents
Covering the Transformed Ground
Dancing and bobbing as the leaves and Great Oak Tree limbs
Bounce and Shift in the softly gusting Wind
What a Wondrous World We Live Upon
Responsibilities to Loved Ones
Prevented me from traveling to Missouri or Wyoming or Oregon or…..
With Friends and Family or to join Friends and Family
In the Sharing of this Wondrous Event of Cosmological Magnificence
But here I am in Texas
In a Field of Green
At Peace and in Awe
Crying Tears of Joy
Because of the Shadow and Light Cosmological Dance
Of the Partial Solar Eclipse Ground Crescents
Moving and shimmering in their Magnificence
And my Heart and Soul Sing
There, one of the Mockingbirds is Singing
One of its Thousand Songs as well
The Crows are Cawing in the distance
The Horses, Cows, Goats and Deer
Seem to take no notice
They are all still intent upon
Their nibbling and munching
Of the Fields lush Greenery
A Dragonfly flits and floats by me
I Wonder -
Does it bear the Face of the Solar Eclipse
Upon its opalescent Wings
Or within its multi-faceted opaque Eyes ?
Does it Feel or Sense an Energetic Shift ?
I Do
I am Alive with it
My Body and Soul Pulse and Vibrate with it
I turn my Face toward the Open Sky
Still beneath the protective cover of the Great Oak
I hold my Arms up toward the Heavens
And burst into Song
“’Oh Lord, my God when I in Awesome Wonder
Consider all the Worlds……”
As the Solar Eclipse Shadow and Light Ground Crescents
Fold, Shift and Transform into Leafy Patterns
Of another Ordinary Day
I Breathe in the hot Summer Air of Texas
And Nod Affirmatively
Moments of Wonder and the Ordinary
Very often Eclipse one another


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