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The Best and Worst of Canada The Best and Worst of Canada
by Mirella Ionta
2017-08-11 07:48:54
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I have compiled a list that sums up the best and worst of Canada’s artistic, culinary, literary, musical, political and social elements. It is based on my opinion, derived from my own personal experience, having resided in both Montreal and Vancouver and having visited parts of Quebec and Ontario.

can2_400Best Canadian Food: Homemade meat pies, sugar pies, maple syrup pies

Best Canadian Drink: Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Best Known Canadian Writer: Leonard Cohen and Gabrielle Roy

Best Canadian Fine Artist: Emily Carr, an artist from Vancouver but the elementary school I attended in Montreal was named after her so maybe I am being biased here.

Most Physically Attractive Person from Canada: Linda Evangelista (I think she was the best-looking out of all the supermodels because she had her own style, looked great in every haircut and hair color, could pull off any look from the androgynous to the ultra feminine look and made it her own)

Most Funny Canadian : Many comedians come from Canada: Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Norm Macdonald, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy. Of these, I like Norm Macdonald’s humour the most. I find it the most natural and updated. Sometimes his jokes have no punchline and he does not follow the conventional style of telling a joke. He also does not rely on overdone imitations and impersonation.

In addition, Josh Freed, a journalist from Montreal, writes funny editorials in The Gazette and has published entire books based on them.

Best Canadian Musical Talent: Neil Young, Rush, Tragically Hip. They have a never-heard-before sound that inspired the musical style of other rock bands.

Canada’s Most Embarrassing Musical Exports: Alanis Morissette, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion (tacky)

Canada’s Most Treasured Possessions: Its preserved nature (the Rockies, National Parks, Lakes) and its Elite Military Sniper Team (which keeps beating World Records since WWI)

Most Embarrassing Canadian Politicians: The Quebec Separatist ones like Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau. They sound like angry dictators but have no assets to justify their arrogance.

Best Things about Canada: Peacefulness; vast space so one does not have to constantly run into other people; its preserved nature; exposure to different types of culinary experiences; people are generally polite, easy-going, and quiet on the surface; inexpensive universities; public health care; freedom of speech; gun control laws; low crime rates; generally safe for women; fun festivals; exposure to four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), abundance of clean water.

Worst Realities about Canada: Sometimes people are too polite at the expense of honesty and authenticity; people are unable to think creatively outside-the-box; no artistic scenes; undiversified job market; few jobs for the educated; no unifying culture; cities are too far apart so it is difficult to travel between them; no local airline that gives good rates on domestic trips; men of the newer generations have bad judgement when choosing their female associations (but I think that is everywhere).

Worst Setbacks for Canadian Evolution: The outdated Constitutional Monarchy; overly idealistic constitution that allows for misinterpretation and deviation; bad judges on the Supreme Court.

can1_400I believe that if Canada abolishes its monarchy, writes a strong, solid constitution binding the provinces together using specific language, Canada could start to focus on creating public policy that encourages economic growth. Canada should start with removing its Non-withstanding clause so that provinces do not override federal powers. The clause should be replaced with a more specific law, detailing what areas of law the provinces can have their own jurisdictions in and only pertaining to certain laws. The tedious process in which the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Project currently undertakes in order to come into fruition is proof that the provinces have too much economic independent power and this can block economic growth for the nation.

It doesn’t help the matter that the Anglo Canadian, more often than not, does not know what he wants.  On one side, an Anglo-Canadian wants to maintain his British roots, the monarchy, and the British snobbery (based on imperialism). On the other side, he wants to be Americanized. He feels comforted and protected by British Monarchy tradition but also wishes he could take more active part in the American economy at the same time. Many of the New Age Hippie Anglos embrace Eastern pagan cultures. It is a big mess with them. They will have to decide where they want to go. They are the ones who end up filling the top federal positions but do not know what direction they want to take.

Most Beautiful Canadian City: Vancouver (from the cities I visited)

Most Culturally Interesting City: Montreal

Best Canadian Restaurant: Baton Rouge, Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, Dagwoods

Best Canadian Fashion Brands: M8051, Rudsak, Lululemon

Best Canadian Stores: Simons, Hudson`s Bay, Canadian Tire, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Browns Shoe Store

Best Canadian Coffee Franchise: Van Houtte

Best Canadian Inventions of All Time by a Canadian: the Cardiac Pacemaker; the Walkie-Talkie; Research-In-Motion and the Blackberry; the Snowmobile, Synthetic Insulin for diabetes; the Practical Telephone

Best Canadian Heroes: Joseph-Armand Bombardier (invented the snowmobile and founded the aerospace/transportation company Bombardier Inc.); Laura Secord (walked 32 km across American-occupied territory in 1813 to warn British forces of an impending American attack); Dr. Banting (invented insulin for diabetes); Alexander Graham Bell (invented the practical telephone); every Canadian Military Official who died in battle.



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Sophie, your former stude2017-08-12 23:15:34
News Flash: One of your favorite bands "The Killers" is coming to Place Bell in Laval January 2018. Just saying. I know you love their catchy songs.

Mirella Ionta2017-08-13 14:05:32
I will buy my ticket for sure! I always need to see a concert in the dead of a Canadian winter. Thanks for letting me know, Sophie!

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