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Revenge and other crimes of the heart Revenge and other crimes of the heart
by Abigail George
2017-08-09 08:07:32
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Revenge and other crimes of the heart
(for Joop Bersee)

po01_400_01I want to change. I do. I want
to grieve less for the life, I
lost when I left Johannesburg.
She’s beautiful, this stranger.
She would never seek revenge
on anyone. Does everybody
    love her the way that I do in my heart.
If you feel pain you cry out in

a myriad of ways. If you’re a
    writer you write it down in your journal
or make up a story or pretend
that it never happened to you.
It happened to other people. It happened to someone else, less forgiving,
more neutral on things of that

    nature. That kind of spirit
and mentality. If you’re an
artist, you make art. I want
to change. I do. I want to forget
about life, the life, I left behind
in the Johannesburg of my past,
present and future tomorrows.
My revenge is this. That I will live well,
and not regret you. Love of my life, city
of dreams. I have other crimes as well. Bitterness and pain.
A wounded heart. I know rooms
filled with chapters of beauty
now. I rejoice when I see guts.
Guts in other people. In myself.

Every passage north, space,
exodus, glacial wall, season,
berg, breath, every vulnerable and open
quality of them all, every paradigm,  
    has its price, doesn’t it, at
the end of the grace of day, the mercy of
night. The story goes like this.

‘The glacial wall complicated
everything. How could they
find a safe way to get through.’
Like is like that. Offering us
healing after trauma. I desired
at that time in my life, silence.
The power of silence is greater
than any pain that you can bear.

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