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The Political Dangers of Were-Wolves Caught in Traps The Political Dangers of Were-Wolves Caught in Traps
by Leah Sellers
2017-07-27 10:21:09
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Ah-oooooooo !
“You hear that Jeb ?” Zach asked quietly.
“I’d have to be deaf to miss that caterwauling’ howlin’” Jeb snarled sarcastically.
“I think we caught ourselves the Wolf that’s been pickin’ off my Sheep.  Come on.  Let’s go get him,” Zach said earnestly.
“I’m drivin’ this time, Zach.  Last time you nearly ran us off the road goin’ after that Wolf.”
“I’m sick and tired of losin’ Sheep to him, Jeb.  And I didn’t run off of the road by accident.  I was tryin’ to run him down.”
“I know, I was there.  I was along for the buckboard ride, Buddy.  And believe you me, I was cheerin’ for the Wolf,”  Zach retorted.  “What self-respectin’ hunter runs over critters with a pick-up truck ?”
“Well, I’ll have to admit that you’ve got a point, but I’m at my wits end with this particular varmint, Zach.  He’s cost me a lot of time, money and grief.”
wolves01_400“Let’s hurry on out to your trap sight and see what it’s caught.  If this Wolf is half as smart and ornery as you make him out to be, he may just gnaw his leg off to get out of the trap before we get there,”  Zach quipped.
As the two men climbed into Jeb’s old Ford pick-up, Jeb said, “Your talkin’ about Wolves gnawin’ their legs off to get out of a trap, reminds me of what’s goin’ on in Washington D.C. right now.”
“Only you could make a Wolf gettin’ caught in a trap into somethin’ havin’ to do with politics, Jeb,”  Zach complained.  “Alright, I’ll bite.  What in the world are you talkin’ about ?”
“I’m talkin’ about the Autocratic Monarch we have in office right now, Donald Trump, and his Trumpian-Bannonite Regime,”  Jeb said flatly.
“And he’s supposed to be the Wolf caught in a Trap ?”
“More like a Howlin’ Were-Wolf caught in a Trap, Zach.  Ever since his boy put his foot in his mouth and held that not-so-secret, Secret Meetin’ with the Russians discussing the relaxin’ or out and out removal of Sanctions against them, which should not be removed, and brought attention to some other financial wheelin’-and-dealin’ shenanigans they have already delved into or all want to participate in for various and assundary reasons in the future.  All of which are toxic to America and her Needs nationally and globally,” Jeb revealed.
“Ole Trump is really frothin’ at the mouth now.  He wants to fire the Attorney General, Sessions, and his Deputy, Rosenstein, and the Special Investigator Mueller, and whoever is a threat to Him and his Family, and his loyal Aides by delving into his Financial dealings, holdin’s and non-disclosed tax returns.”
“And a Wolf that gets caught in a Trap is dangerous to himself and everyone and everything else around him, Zach.  And this Howlin’ Trumpian Were-Wolf is downright dangerous to America, and the rest of the World.”
“I’ll give you that Trump is a Flim-Flam, Con Man, Snake Oil, Venom Spittin’ Salesman,”  Zach acquiesced.  “And that if all of this true that he’s probably desperate and full of fear and spite.  But if the Republicans and folks who support him continue to fall for or just go on along with all of his Lies and Alibis, what can be done to stop him ?  He is the president after all.  And he is a Sociopathic Autocrat.  It is and will always be all about him.  He doesn‘t give a hoot about America or the rest of the World if it doesn‘t stroke his ego or put money in his pockets.”
“Darn right he’s a Sociopathic Autocrat,”  Jeb agreed.  “He runs around America and the World shoutin’  I am King !  I am a Divinely Divine Divinity !”
“I just love Divinity.  My aunt Ed makes the best Divinity in the state of Texas.  It melts like butter in your mouth,”  Zach teased.
“Ha !  If only Trump’s supposed Divinity was as sweet as your aunt Ed’s Divinity,”  Jeb replied.
“I heard that Trump got rid of Sean Spicer as his Mouthpiece and has hired Anthony Scaramucci Hoochi-Koochi, another Flim-Flam Man, Con Man to be his Communications Director, because Scaramucci is totally Loyal to Trump.  Simply Loves him, and will Lie and Alibi without scruple or the blink of an eye, with the best of, and the rest of the Trumpian-Bannonite Regime Machine,”  Zach said sardonically.
“Are you still attendin’ that Poetry Group you hitched up with a few months ago, Zach ?”  Jeb queried.
“Why, yes, I am.  I am really enjoyin’ playin’ with words and the musicians in the Group.”
“That explains it,”  Jeb answered.
“Don’t think your makin’ fun of me is gonna get me to stop makin’ my points the way I want to express them, Jebediah.”
“And now, ole Donald is runnin’ around checkin out how he can Pardon himself.  Pardon his Family and Pardon his Aides !  Ha !  Now, is that an admission of guilt or what ?”  Zach added.
“Oh, Trump is the perpetual King Charmin’ Bad Boy who thinks himself above the Law.  Above all of the Investigations and Probes going on around him, his kin and cronies and cohorts right now,”  Jeb added.
“Zach laughed outright.  “I can hear ole Trump now, sayin, ‘ This Circumstance is not pumpin’ my Pomp !  Flippin’ my natural
Toupe !  Mueller is makin’ my Corny-Flakes soggy !  My Flim-Flam Scam Bog, foggy and sloggy !  Flatter me, don‘t batter me !  Because I am King !  I am Divinely Divine Divinity with all of the Amenities !”
“ ‘You wanna’ Probe and Investigate me ?  I’ll Probe and Investigate You, Mueller and everyone else threatenin’ me and mine with Truths we spend all of our time hidin’ from or hidin’ behind !”
“Because I am King Trump !  I create the Humps over which I order you to Jump !  My Loyalty extends no further than the bus I’ll plow you down with if you get in my way !  I am the Original Oppositional Obstructionist !  Come after me and I’ll give you a Ham Sandwich called My Fist !”
“Ha !  He even wants the new FBI Director to report directly to him and forget all about the established Chain of Command, Zach,”  Jeb laughed.
“Aha !  A Constitutional Crisis Cake is Bakin’ - is Burnin‘.  Will send all American tummies churnin’ !  America has been force fed Russian Oligarchy Malarkey !”
“Boy, have you got that right, Zach.  These sleazy Russian Real Estate and Financial deals and connections over the years are wrappin’ ole Trump and his Gang like a giant boa constrictor and puttin’ on the Squeeze.”
“Bein’ a Teacher by trade, I got upset with Trump and his pick of Betsy DeVoss, Madame Privatized Voucher, because they wanna’ get rid of all of the American Social Nets that hold our Country together in Healthy Ways and give us Cohesiveness, like Public Schools,” Zach said more seriously.
“If you want Immigrants to really learn what it is to be an American just send them to well funded, not deliberately financially undercut, Good Public Schools where they learn to mingle and mix with folks from every walk and talk of life.”
“Not Home Schools or Private Schools where, for the most part, they remain entrenched in just their Cultural experiences and their Religions.  And I’d get the National Testing out of the Public Schools, and allow them the autonomy they used to have, while bein’ a part of a Whole, like the States are a part of the Whole of America.”
“You know Betty Jean and I Home School our kids, Zach.”
“Yes, I have not forgotten that uncomfortable fact, Jeb.  And you need to know that I don’t hold it against you”
“That’s mighty nice of you, Zach,”  Jeb said with a sideways grin.
“I heard someone the other day say that Putin is playin’ Chess while Trump is playin’ Checkers, but they’re wrong.  Trump is not a Player at all.  He’s Putin’s Pawn bein’ Played. And when he gets Played, so does America,”  Zach said.
“Ha !  And this new Communications Director Scaramucci Hoochi-Koochi has been hired to put bling and glitter all over the same Old Face of things, in order to make it look like the New Reset Face of all things Trumpian-Bannonite,”  Jeb threw out for red meat.
“Hey, look ahead, Jeb.  There’s nothin’ in the trap.”
“That’s a Were-Wolf for you.  They’re Shape-Shifters, you know.”  Jeb said.
“Let’s get out and check the trap anyways, Zach.  There might be a Wolf’s Leg in it.  Gnawed off in desperation.  And if that’s the case, that Wolf will finally be easier to track,”  Jeb said.  “You game ?”
“Let the Hunt begin, my friend.”


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