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Red wine and pasta Red wine and pasta
by Abigail George
2017-07-22 09:45:54
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Red wine and pasta.

red01_400_02Let the erosion in your soul
disperse. Just let go and if
you’re not strong to let go of it
then surrender it to the song
that the wind carries in her heart,
the bright lights of the city that you live in now.
Yes, you’ve cried enough tears
and tomorrow is enough

Don’t live in fear. Don’t do
that. It’s an exquisite waste
of time. In your city, I know
how silence can eat away at
your soul. So, will loneliness’
fetters. I know when you’re
silent, when you don’t say a thing,
you’re thinking of us in the
same way that we’re thinking of
you. You’re missing us. We’re missing you.
I know you know of a literal
hunger. A starvation that goes
way beyond the soul. Many people do think like that.
But they won’t admit it
to themselves. They’d
rather die than admit it.

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"All about my mother" & "Brother Wolf and Sister Wren"
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