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Floating In The Blue Floating In The Blue
by Nikos Laios
2017-07-17 10:13:06
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Floating In The Blue

I stared at the river
And my soul bathed
In its cool waters
Sliding over mossy rocks
And floating gently by
The swaying reeds.

paint_in_the_water_400My thoughts
Fell into the river
Like petals,
The sun shone
And the river rushed
And gurgled
Over green valleys
And hills floating
Past great cities
And civilisations.

The river
Had witnessed it all;
The passing of time,
Bright marble columns
And shinning gold steeples,
The rise and fall,
Eternal ideas,
The Industrial Age,
La Belle Époque,
The great wars and famine,
Love that transcends.

The river rushed
To the coast
And it took
All the collected
Sorrows of the world
And drowned them
In the sea.

I fell into the river
And swam
With the sorrows
And became one
With the sea;
Cleansed, baptised,
Floating in the blue,
Renewed, alive, vibrant,
Swimming in the
Love of the world.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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