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Midnight Waters Midnight Waters
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2018-05-13 10:02:14
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Midnight Waters

Wayfarer, directionless … an automatic tread …
The middle of the middle of an impossible journey …
No land.  No markers.  Nothing but wanderings of the mind. …

What waters?
Calm silent black waters, indiscriminate. …
Air and waters equally warm, equally black …

The little node of consciousness cannot see,
Cannot feel even feel his own body, his own hand.
But … there is the smell of pungent salt.

Goes on treading … fear of the dark … emotes annoyance …
Moonless, hopeless, it seems pointless
But goes on.

No goal, but
Sustained with creative care justifying hatred of vicious malignancy
The extreme consciousness treads and defies, replies, commands.

Any object will do.  Good salty resounding curses
Seep back into those lost loves, those rattling hurts.
… If there was a past there may be a future.

Aloneness reaches …
In cursing there is hope.
Cursing midnight may yet arouse the day.




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"Translations from the Cinema"
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