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Ablative Absolute Ablative Absolute
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2017-08-30 08:40:49
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Grammatical hardon, nut that will not crack,
A self-contained container, I keep myself to myself.

alone_400Obeying no rules, I have license to go my way.
How I get things done, no one can exactly say.

Stalwart wart, I lie athwart.
Without rhyme or reason, still I am always in season.
Neither supine, nor deponent, nor depending from the air,
And always singular, never part of a pair.

Oh my!  I'd never be possessive!
Were I participial I'd always dangle.
Make me subjunctive and I’d run to regressive,
Time must stay indefinite, future and past a tangle.

I cannot be articled, I will not indicate.
I keep my voice neither active nor passive.
I'm not straight, nor concave nor convex.
I conjugate with everything, and decline in either sex.

Furtive me, odd modifier, residual category,
Without me there can be no clear and quick closure.
My meanings mean while floating in a boundless zone.
Prickly and unprincipled, intransigently intransitive,
I am an anvil, and just want to be alone.

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