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Christmas carolsChristmas carols by The Ovi Team
24 December 2017
Carols composed centuries ago, connected not only with Christmas but with our childhood. Two of the most popular and most translated Christmas carols are "O Christmas Tree" and naturally the "Silent Night." So Ovi team joins the Christmas spirit with (Add a comment)
The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 28The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 28 by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
23 December 2017
The twenty-eighth installment of a weekly Ovi column dubbed "The Caligula Presidency" This week on fox and friends, the least popular first-year president, GOP tax plan, Trump as sexual predator, Mueller's silent treatment. (Add a comment)
That Distant Sparkle - That Glimmer....That Distant Sparkle - That Glimmer.... by Leah Sellers
23 December 2017
See? That distant Sparkle - that Glimmer in the Water's Horizon There - flickering and blinking Amidst fallen autumn leaves Reds, golds, oranges, yellows (Add a comment)
Eureka: Healthy labor marketsEureka: Healthy labor markets by Akli Hadid
23 December 2017
Some people tell me that a healthy labor market is a labor market where people unionize. Not necessarily, I say. You don't have to form formal labor unions who lobby the government to legislate on labor to organize the labor market. You need to socialize (Add a comment)
Chuck Berry arrestedChuck Berry arrested by The Ovi Team
23 December 2017
On December 23, 1959, Chuck Berry is arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, on charges relating to his transportation of a 14-year-old girl across state lines for allegedly "immoral purposes." (Add a comment)
Preconditions to Conditions: Rex Tillerson on North KoreaPreconditions to Conditions: Rex Tillerson on North Korea by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
22 December 2017
The worst of times, and the best of times. This must be a sentiment that filters through the Trump administration as it discusses, disagrees and fights itself on how best to deal with Kim Jong-un and the North Korean situation. (Add a comment)
Eureka: How to treat people with respect Eureka: How to treat people with respect by Akli Hadid
22 December 2017
I've seen my fair share of people who treat other people with a lot of respect. And my fair share of people who seem to disrespct a lot of the people they meet. I've done a few mistakes at times (we all do) but here's a list of things we all occasional (Add a comment)
The For Profit Bigotry of Native American MascotsThe For Profit Bigotry of Native American Mascots by Ovi Magazine Guest
22 December 2017
Banning Native American mascots has nothing to do with political correctness; it is about having a correct understanding of politics. For it is never right or Constitutional to treat people as if they are conquered. (Add a comment)
Self-AdhSelf-Adh by Patrick McWade
22 December 2017
For the Moment a cartoon series by Patrick McWade (Add a comment)
Fifth SymphonyFifth Symphony by The Ovi Team
22 December 2017
December 22nd 1808. If the initial reviews failed to recognize it as one of the greatest pieces of music ever written, one needs to understand the adverse conditions under which the work was first heard. The concert venue was freezing cold; it was more th (Add a comment)
Trumpty's Machinery of Flim-Flam Pomp and CircumstanceTrumpty's Machinery of Flim-Flam Pomp and Circumstance by Leah Sellers
21 December 2017
Yes, Trumpty is quite the Chest thumping and bumping Flim-Flam, Scam-Man, Con Man, Show-Man! He knows how to use and abuse the creaky, squeaky Antiquated Machinery of pompously pomped-up Pomp and Circumstantially Circumstanced Circumstance ! (Add a comment)
Neutral Athletes: Russia, Drugs and the OlympicsNeutral Athletes: Russia, Drugs and the Olympics by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
21 December 2017
Being a moralist in the Olympics doesn't carry you very far. Turn one way, and there are enterprising drug cheats; turn another, there are wads of cash in envelopes finding their inexorable way to an official's accounts. (Add a comment)
Eureka: Dealing with problem peopleEureka: Dealing with problem people by Akli Hadid
21 December 2017
We all have our problems. The bottom line is if you try to deal with people's problems you could end up being part of their problem. Let me outline more clearly who problem people are, the different situations where you might encouter them and how to dea (Add a comment)
Brains vs TeethBrains vs Teeth by Patrick McWade
21 December 2017
For the Moment a cartoon series by Patrick McWade (Add a comment)
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