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Back in Bangladesh - the face of endemic corruptionBack in Bangladesh - the face of endemic corruption by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
27 June 2018
I arrived in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka last week via the Emirates Airlines. The flight from Newark to Dubai was delayed by an hour and the in-flight service crew were poorly prepared to do their task satisfactorily. (Add a comment)
The Prince's TaleThe Prince's Tale by Jan Sand
27 June 2018
The prince rolled his eyes. He twirled his mustache. (Add a comment)
Eureka: Advice to Algerian businessesEureka: Advice to Algerian businesses by Akli Hadid
27 June 2018
Words of advice to Algerian businesses, in no particular order. (Add a comment)
Who are the 'Willing' in Central Europe - Axis of the 1930s coming back?Who are the 'Willing' in Central Europe - Axis of the 1930s coming back? by Ovi Magazine Guest
27 June 2018
The idea of an "axis of the willing against illegal migration" between Italy, Germany and Austria has been proposed by Sebastian Kurz, Austria's right populist leader. (Add a comment)
Alice McDermottAlice McDermott by The Ovi Team
27 June 2018
June 27th; National Book Award winner Alice McDermott is born this day in Brooklyn to first-generation Irish-Catholic parents in 1953. (Add a comment)
Soviets blockade West BerlinSoviets blockade West Berlin by The Ovi Team
27 June 2018
Jun 27, 1948; Soviets blockade West Berlin. One of the most dramatic standoffs in the history of the Cold War begins as the Soviet Union blocks all road and rail traffic to and from West Berlin. The blockade turned out to be a terrible diplomatic move by (Add a comment)
The United Nations: A Planetary ViewThe United Nations: A Planetary View by Rene Wadlow
26 June 2018
26 June is the anniversary date of the signing of the Charter of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945. (Add a comment)
RefugeeRefugee by David Sparenberg
26 June 2018
Why does the troubled world press dark and cruelly against my heart? The world is troubled. The world is dark and cruel. (Add a comment)
Trump White House Views Migrants as SubhumanTrump White House Views Migrants as Subhuman by Ovi Magazine Guest
26 June 2018
The Trump White House does not see migrants as full human beings. They see them as a horde of invading pests. Trump himself has recently used the word "infestation" to describe immigrants from Mexico and Latin America. (Add a comment)
International Day in Support of Victims of TortureInternational Day in Support of Victims of Torture by The Ovi Team
26 June 2018
June 26th is the international day in support of victims of torture. Torture seeks to annihilate the victim's personality and denies the inherent dignity of the human being. The United Nations has condemned torture from the outset as one of the vilest ac (Add a comment)
Pearl BuckPearl Buck by The Ovi Team
26 June 2018
June 26th 1892; Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl Buck is born in West Virginia to parents on furlough from their missionary work in China. The family soon returned to China, where Buck lived for the better part of 40 years. Her novel The Good Earth (1930) (Add a comment)
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit TraffickingInternational Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by The Ovi Team
26 June 2018
The 26th of June International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was established by the United Nations in 1987. In its 2006 edition, the UNODC launched an anti-drugs campaign entitled "Do drugs control your life? Your life. Your community. N (Add a comment)
Chaplin's, 'The Gold Rush'Chaplin's, 'The Gold Rush' by The Ovi Team
26 June 2018
June 26th 1925; Charlie Chaplin's comedy, "The Gold Rush," premiered in Hollywood. A lone prospector ventures into Alaska looking for gold. He gets mixed up with some burly characters and falls in love with the beautiful Georgia. He tries to win her he (Add a comment)
Francisco Pizarro assassinatedFrancisco Pizarro assassinated by The Ovi Team
26 June 2018
June 26th 1541; Francisco Pizarro, the governor of Peru and conqueror of the Inca civilization, is assassinated in Lima by Spanish rivals. (Add a comment)
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