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Noriega surrenders to U.S.Noriega surrenders to U.S. by The Ovi Team
03 January 2019
January 3rd 1990; Panama's General Manuel Antonio Noriega, after holing up for 10 days at the Vatican embassy in Panama City, surrenders to U.S. military troops to face charges of drug trafficking. Noriega was flown to Miami the following day and crowds (Add a comment)
Lick ObservatoryLick Observatory by The Ovi Team
03 January 2019
January 3rd 1888; the refracting telescope at the Lick Observatory, measuring 91 cm in diameter, is used for the first time. It was the largest telescope in the world at the time. (Add a comment)
I and THOUI and THOU by David Sparenberg
02 January 2019
I open my mind; we share our thoughts. I open my mouth; we share our words. I open my heart; we share our human feelings of life. I open soul: here I am in the dynamic of becoming. (Add a comment)
Nine Circles Nine Circles by Nikos Laios
02 January 2019
The city Bathed in red In the dark night, And a million desolate (Add a comment)
A review of Shlomo Sand's booksA review of Shlomo Sand's books by Akli Hadid
02 January 2019
A few notes, in no particular order. Reactions after reading Shlomo Sand's "the invention of the Jewish people" and "the invention of the land of Israel." (Add a comment)
Worming 901Worming 901 by Thanos Kalamidas
02 January 2019
A family of worms and all their worm friends worming in new adventures (Add a comment)
A refusal to a loyalty oathA refusal to a loyalty oath by The Ovi Team
02 January 2019
January 2nd 1962. The Weavers, one of the most significant popular-music groups of the post-war era, saw their career nearly destroyed during the Red Scare of the early 1950s. Even with anti-communist fervour in decline by the early 1960s, the Weavers' l (1 comment)
Accounting and predictingAccounting and predicting by Thanos Kalamidas
01 January 2019
It is a long-time unwritten tradition, for the new year editorial to make a brief account on what happened the year before and continue with a lot of wishful predictions and thoughts all dressed up... (Add a comment)
When time expiresWhen time expires by Bohdan Yuri
01 January 2019
Our journey wanders in lost shadows, Seeking dreams of ancient hallows. (Add a comment)
Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for January 2019Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for January 2019 by Manish Kumar Arora
01 January 2019
January 2019, , zodiac sign predictions from Manish Kumar (Add a comment)
Looking Ahead to 2019Looking Ahead to 2019 by Ovi Magazine Guest
01 January 2019
The main transformative trends in 2018 that will affect next year will concern at least the following three different global and interconnected sectors: Economic & Financial Area; Security; (Add a comment)
Saying Happy New Year Saying Happy New Year by The Ovi Team
01 January 2019
We thought the best way to wish you happy New Year is to do so in ...as many languages we could find. Here it is then, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (1 comment)
The top New Year resolutionsThe top New Year resolutions by The Ovi Team
01 January 2019
New Year's resolutions are not a new tradition but obviously resolutions change with the time. The top ten most popular resolutions are the following: (3 comments)
New Year's DayNew Year's Day by The Ovi Team
01 January 2019
Since 45 B.C., New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1 for the first time in history as the Julian calendar takes effect. (Add a comment)
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