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Xi Jinping, Citizen of the World, and the Making of a Global PolicyXi Jinping, Citizen of the World, and the Making of a Global Policy by Rene Wadlow
05 March 2017
A recent issue of Newsweek hailed the President of China Xi Jinping as a citizen of the world and highlighted his 17 January 2017 speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as setting forth a new global policy. At a time when the President (1 comment)
Eureka: Reminders on American politicsEureka: Reminders on American politics by Akli Hadid
05 March 2017
US politics differ significantly from what you have in Europe, Asia, Latin America or Africa. One thing people tend to forget is that American politics are largely decentralized and that most people look to their town, then their city, then their district (1 comment)
The Personality of Donald Trump: Explaining the Unexplainable?The Personality of Donald Trump: Explaining the Unexplainable? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
05 March 2017
Lately there have appeared in the media a plethora of columns and cartoons attempting a daunting task: to explain rationally what is almost by definition unexplainable: i.e., the irrational psychotic behavior of someone who lives in an alternate reality p (Add a comment)
World Spelling DayWorld Spelling Day by The Ovi Team
05 March 2017
March 5th; Students everywhere will be participating in World Spelling Day! Spelling is such a key part of literacy - we need to be literate to be educated and go on to get a good job or to do something as basic as write our name, or enjoy a great book. (1 comment)
The iron curtain ...speechThe iron curtain ...speech by The Ovi Team
05 March 2017
5th March, 1946; Winston Churchill delivers one of the first speeches condemning what he thought was a Soviet Union bent on the expansion of communism in Europe and around the world, during the speech he coined the phrase "The Iron Curtain" which was th (Add a comment)
Trump's First Address to Congress and the 900 Pound Bear in the HallTrump's First Address to Congress and the 900 Pound Bear in the Hall by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
04 March 2017
President Trump's first address to Congress lasted about an hour. He must have uttered some 5000 words, but not even one of those words was Russia. Not one minute was devoted to the successful enterprise of one of the main adversaries of democracy and st (Add a comment)
The Reality Show Comes to Congress: Trump's Joint AddressThe Reality Show Comes to Congress: Trump's Joint Address by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
04 March 2017
Let us tear through these Trumpland evocations, the business pitches of this show and publicity act that was the first address by the President to a joint sitting of the US Congress. There were the common themes; there were the contradictory messages; and (Add a comment)
Trump's version of Christianity as a state religion is Un-AmericanTrump's version of Christianity as a state religion is Un-American by Ovi Magazine Guest
04 March 2017
The Pew Research Center came out with a finding the day after the election. According to this report, "White, born-again/evangelical Christians," voted for Trump in monumental numbers. He received 81% of their vote, which was more than Romney received i (Add a comment)
John CandyJohn Candy by The Ovi Team
04 March 2017
March 4th 1995; the larger-than-life comedic star John Candy dies suddenly of a heart attack on this day in 1995, at the age of 43. At the time of his death, he was living near Durango, Mexico, while filming Wagons East, a Western comedy co-starring the c (Add a comment)
The Situational ManThe Situational Man by Leah Sellers
03 March 2017
The young Reporter of the Free Press innocently asked, "Sir, Who are you?" "Why I am a Man. But I am not the same Man today that I was yesterday or will be tomorrow. I am the Ultimate Situational Man. (1 comment)
Moving A PeonyMoving A Peony by Neil Leadbeater
03 March 2017
The Ovi Magazine warmly welcomes a new member in Ovi Team, Mr Neil Leadbeater (1 comment)
Town in Iowa to Seed 1,000 acres of land to aid bee and butterfly populationsTown in Iowa to Seed 1,000 acres of land to aid bee and butterfly populations by Ovi Magazine Guest
03 March 2017
An often-ignored fact about bees is that their population is dwindling rapidly and their existence is necessary for many aspects of life, especially in aiding food crops and natural habitats. One state in the U.S. whose crops depend on bees, yet continuou (Add a comment)
Michael FootMichael Foot by The Ovi Team
03 March 2017
Michael Foot, a bookish intellectual and anti-nuclear campaigner who led Britain's Labour Party to a disastrous defeat in 1983, died Wednesday March 3rd 2010 in the morning, age 96. Foot died peacefully at his home in north London following a long illnes (Add a comment)
Minnie the MoocherMinnie the Moocher by The Ovi Team
03 March 2017
3rd March, 1931; Cab Calloway makes music history when he records "Minnie the Moocher." This is the first jazz album to sell one million copies and it continues to be a popular album today. (2 comments)
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