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Photos of an early lovePhotos of an early love by Ovi Magazine Guest
06 October 2017
At thirteen I bought my first camera with cash saved from tips hustled hefting bulging suitcases train to bus station for city holiday-makers at our end-of-the-line boring bayside town. All summer waiting for trains I composed pictures. (Add a comment)
Jane Eyre is publishedJane Eyre is published by The Ovi Team
06 October 2017
October 6th, on this day in 1847, Jane Eyre is published by Smith, Elder and Co. Charlotte Bronte, the book's author, used the pseudonym Currer Bell. The book, about the struggles of an orphan girl who grows up to become a governess, was an immediate pop (Add a comment)
Anwar Sadat assassinationAnwar Sadat assassination by The Ovi Team
06 October 2017
October 6th 1981; Islamic extremists assassinate Anwar Sadat, the president of Egypt, as he reviews troops on the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. Led by Khaled el Islambouli, a lieutenant in the Egyptian army with connections to the terrorist group Tak (Add a comment)
What's Next to Stop Myanmar's Genocide? What's Next to Stop Myanmar's Genocide? by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
05 October 2017
According to aid workers inside Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, as of last Friday, more than half a million Rohingyas have poured into the country from Myanmar. More than 60% of these refugees are women and children under the age of twelve. It is feared that yo (Add a comment)
Rohingya Cultural AnthropologyRohingya Cultural Anthropology by Ovi Magazine Guest
05 October 2017
Myanmar, with her rich cultural and natural resources, has every potential to be a world leader that everybody will love. However, to my anguish: (Add a comment)
Eureka: Why the Koreas are bickeringEureka: Why the Koreas are bickering by Akli Hadid
05 October 2017
Four words. Three years of drought. The South has mountains but some flatlands that help meet agricultural demand. The North has mostly mountains and has to milk its agriculture as much as possible to meet demands. The main products that are consumed in b (Add a comment)
Holy Days for SportsHoly Days for Sports by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
05 October 2017
It looks like a gross mismatch: the ferocious Tigers versus the flighty Crows. But the latter, who stem from Adelaide, are the favourite. This is Australian Rules Football ("footy" to the initiated), one of the stranger hybrids in the sporting codes: me (Add a comment)
Isaac Singer and the Nobel PrizeIsaac Singer and the Nobel Prize by The Ovi Team
05 October 2017
October 5th; on this day in 1978, Isaac Bashevis Singer wins the Nobel Prize for literature. Singer wrote in Yiddish about Jewish life in Poland and the United States, and translations of his work became popular in mainstream America as well as Jewish cir (Add a comment)
First presidential speech on TVFirst presidential speech on TV by The Ovi Team
05 October 2017
October 5th 1947, President Harry Truman (1884-1972) makes the first-ever televised presidential address from the White House, asking Americans to cut back on their use of grain in order to help starving Europeans. At the time of Truman's food-conservati (Add a comment)
American Gun Laws, the NRA, and the White House: A Deplorable Tale of our TimesAmerican Gun Laws, the NRA, and the White House: A Deplorable Tale of our Times by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
04 October 2017
The above quotes and the photo at the White House following the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting that left 59 people dead and over 500 injured, in a way says it all. But perhaps a few clarifications and reflections need to be added. (Add a comment)
What's in a Word? Terrorism in Las VegasWhat's in a Word? Terrorism in Las Vegas by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
04 October 2017
Those gathered at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas were doing what revellers always do. But the script would not let them persist in their pleasures, to let them be, communing together before their figures of country music. (Add a comment)
My Daughter Was Murdered in a Mass ShootingMy Daughter Was Murdered in a Mass Shooting by Ovi Magazine Guest
04 October 2017
At 24 years old, my daughter, Jessi, was sparky, beautiful, and ambitious, with red hair that mirrored her fiery spirit. In summer 2012, she was finishing her final year of college in Colorado and looking forward to pursuing a career as a sports journalis (Add a comment)
Sputnik satellite Sputnik satellite by The Ovi Team
04 October 2017
October 4th 1957; A Russian satellite launched into space - the first man-made object ever to leave the Earth's atmosphere. The Russian news agency, Tass, said the satellite Sputnik was now 560 miles (900 kilometres) above the Earth and circling it every (Add a comment)
Yes, Cultural Awareness Matters in MarketingYes, Cultural Awareness Matters in Marketing by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
03 October 2017
Culture defines the behavior patterns that are distinguishing characteristics of members of a society. It gives an individual an anchoring point, an identity and codes of conduct. Culture has 164 definitions but all of them accept that culture is learned, (1 comment)
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