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East Africa Food Crisis Indicates Urgent Need for a World Food PolicyEast Africa Food Crisis Indicates Urgent Need for a World Food Policy by Rene Wadlow
13 March 2017
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in a 22 February 2017 alert has indicated that the States of East Africa - Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan - face famine conditions and that some 20 million people are at grave risk. The mos (Add a comment)
The mad dance of Joyce Carol Oates across the pageThe mad dance of Joyce Carol Oates across the page by Abigail George
13 March 2017
You welcomed tigers - Paraded them at the zoo. My ill winter sun. (Add a comment)
Yemen: Children as Young as 15 Recruited as Soldiers for Front-Line CombatYemen: Children as Young as 15 Recruited as Soldiers for Front-Line Combat by Ovi Magazine Guest
13 March 2017
In war-torn regions, it's always the innocents who fare worst, and Yemen's children are no different. Due to the proxy war between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran (which started in 2014), nearly 400,000 children are sufferin (Add a comment)
Rancho Santa ElenaRancho Santa Elena by The Ovi Team
13 March 2017
March 13th; cult leader Adolpho de Jesus Constanzo sacrifices another human victim at his remote Mexican desert compound Rancho Santa Elena. When the victim didn't beg for mercy before dying, Constanzo sent his people out to find another subject for tort (Add a comment)
The Love BugThe Love Bug by The Ovi Team
13 March 2017
March 13th; on this day in 1969, "The Love Bug," a Walt Disney movie about the adventures of a Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie, opens in theatres across the United States. The film, which was based on a 1961 book called "Car, Boy, Girl" by Gordon Bufor (Add a comment)
Words Defining Soul's PerceptionsWords Defining Soul's Perceptions by David Sparenberg
12 March 2017
Beauty: Beauty is a verb. Beauty is a way of being in self and being in the world. Beauty is elegant, fierce, eloquent, sensual, sublime, charismatic, dignity-bestowing, demure and vital. Beauty is a vital verb. It works on the senses, lights up nerve (Add a comment)
Art-ologiaArt-ologia by Katerina Charisi
12 March 2017
Ok, let's be honest. Not everybody appreciates art and/or artists. Sometimes not even our own people, friends or family. Think about it: When we were little, our family and teachers encouraged us (even pushed us too hard) to be creative and artistic, if (Add a comment)
Eureka: Random rules in politicsEureka: Random rules in politics by Akli Hadid
12 March 2017
Having had a quiet political life in various small organizations and associations, from president to vice-president to cabinet or secretarial positions, here are a few rules that I've complied. The rules stem from mistakes I've seen at small organizatio (Add a comment)
Paul weds LindaPaul weds Linda by The Ovi Team
12 March 2017
March 12th 1969; on this day Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman in a civil ceremony in London. Hundreds of people gathered outside the Marylebone Register Office to catch a glimpse of the couple as they arrived with Miss Eastman's six-year-old daughter (Add a comment)
Pa Mockingbird Gets Caught Wire-TappingPa Mockingbird Gets Caught Wire-Tapping by Leah Sellers
11 March 2017
"Pa?!" Pa ?! What in tarnation are you doin' up here tappin' away at that electrical telephone wire beneath your feet?!" Ma Mockingbird demanded as she settled on top of the wooden telephone pole close behind her mate. (Add a comment)
Is Democracy Dying before our Eyes in America?Is Democracy Dying before our Eyes in America? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
11 March 2017
John Adams, the second president of the United States, did a study on the life of Republics from their inception all the way to the 18th century. To his great surprise, he discovered that they all died, sooner or later. In other words, they were mortal. T (Add a comment)
Trump as Magician in ChiefTrump as Magician in Chief by Ovi Magazine Guest
11 March 2017
Despite the chaotic appearance of manic, conspiratorial tweets hatched in the middle of the night, the Trump administration has actually been laser focused when it comes to systematically dismantling the institutions which have supported America for the p (Add a comment)
Frankenstein publishedFrankenstein published by The Ovi Team
11 March 2017
March 11th 1818; Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is published. The book, by 21-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, is frequently called the world's first science fiction novel. In Shelley's tale, a scientist animates a creature constructed fro (Add a comment)
Gorbachev, USSR leaderGorbachev, USSR leader by The Ovi Team
11 March 2017
March 11th 1985; Mikhail Gorbachev took over following the death of Konstantin Chernenko. Chernenko, 73, died after a long illness. Sombre music preceded the news on radio and television and scheduled programmes were cancelled. The speed of naming of his (1 comment)
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