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Exiles invade at Bay of PigsExiles invade at Bay of Pigs by The Ovi Team
17 April 2018
April 17th 1961, the invasion of Cuba was carried out by a force of about 1,400 exiled Cubans, with American support from the sea and air. (Add a comment)
Admiring Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg goes before CongressAdmiring Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg goes before Congress by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
16 April 2018
This is a dance of confused ends and mistrustful glances, mixed with occasional moments of misplaced adoration. (Add a comment)
The Printed Word The Printed Word by Nikos Laios
16 April 2018
I swim in the smell Of printed words, I swim among the Bookshelves (Add a comment)
Eureka: A fireside chat on Israeli contemporary affairsEureka: A fireside chat on Israeli contemporary affairs by Akli Hadid
16 April 2018
Unless you were on another planet, you've probably heard of Israel. The images you have probably seen were those of on duty IDF soldiers facing Palestinian rioters... (Add a comment)
Big data and the Future of DemocracyBig data and the Future of Democracy by Ovi Magazine Guest
16 April 2018
An article from the beginning of 2017 with a lot of answers today. (Add a comment)
The hallucinogenic effects of LSD-25The hallucinogenic effects of LSD-25 by The Ovi Team
16 April 2018
April 16th 1943 in Basel, Switzerland, chemist Albert Hoffman accidently discovered the hallucinogenic effects of LSD-25 while working on the medicinal value of lysergic acid. LSD has had a fairly short, but wild history in the United States. It was first (Add a comment)
Lenin returnsLenin returns by The Ovi Team
16 April 2018
On April 16, 1917, Vladimir Lenin, leader of the revolutionary Bolshevik Party, returns to Petrograd after a decade of exile to take the reins of the Russian Revolution. Lenin became the virtual dictator of the world's first Marxist state. His government (Add a comment)
Syria: Is this how you want international affairs to be conducted now?Syria: Is this how you want international affairs to be conducted now? by Rene Wadlow
15 April 2018
In the emergency U.N. Security Council meeting called by Russia on 14 April 2018, the Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia asked of the representatives of the USA, France and the UK "Is this how you want international affairs to be conducted now?" (Add a comment)
Blind Assault: Trump Strikes SyriaBlind Assault: Trump Strikes Syria by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
15 April 2018
Feeling that some display of force was needed, US president Donald Trump issued orders on Friday to demonstrate some form of muscle, albeit exercised some thousands of miles away. (Add a comment)
Eureka: The pseudo-science of the unknownEureka: The pseudo-science of the unknown by Akli Hadid
15 April 2018
The biggest loser in the hit game show Deal or No Deal. One American man had a one in two chance of winning a million dollars and a one in two chance of winning one dollar. (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #213Berserk Alert! #213 by Tony Zuvela
15 April 2018
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Liberate Bergen-BelsenLiberate Bergen-Belsen by The Ovi Team
15 April 2018
April 15th 1945 British troops have entered the German concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. Inside the camp the horrified soldiers found piles of dead and rotting corpses and thousands of sick and starving prisoners kept in severely overcrowded and dirty (2 comments)
Bessie SmithBessie Smith by The Ovi Team
15 April 2018
April 15th 1894; despite the immense influence her records had on the shape and course of American popular music in the 20th century, the recorded legacy of Bessie Smith only captures part of her historical significance. Yes, her first recording, "Downhe (1 comment)
EvolutionEvolution by Jan Sand
14 April 2018
There was a time, even in the early days of my short life, that humans were considered the apex attainment out of that lazy green slime that luxuriated in the rocking of the gentle waves at... (Add a comment)
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