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Eureka: Four minor problemsEureka: Four minor problems by Akli Hadid
22 April 2018
Four minor problems have been in the news lately. Here's my commentary on them, and hope this sheds some light. (Add a comment)
Mother Earth DayMother Earth Day by The Ovi Team
22 April 2018
Earth day today and aside of some information a few picture because one picture equal a thousands words here some thousands words on what we have done to the earth. (5 comments)
Clamouring against Russia: The Cyber Attack PlatformClamouring against Russia: The Cyber Attack Platform by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
21 April 2018
In a time when such revelations as those of Edward Snowden pass a person's lips with ease and awareness, political clamouring for action and measures against Russia on the subject of cyber attack seem risible. (Add a comment)
Eureka: A fireside chat on immigrationEureka: A fireside chat on immigration by Akli Hadid
21 April 2018
If you're thinking about an immigrant you probably have a dark-skinned man in ragged clothes idling around near some refugee camp. (Add a comment)
Blind  PoliticsBlind Politics by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
21 April 2018
We were watching the TV, Louie and me. He's blind, so he don't even stare at the thing. He only half listens. Me, I do the translating. I tell him what the pictures show. We been doing this for years; it's like making love, though don't get me wr (Add a comment)
The Route of Truce 2018The Route of Truce 2018 by Ovi Magazine Guest
21 April 2018
On Sunday, April 22nd 2018, and for the third year the race "Route of Truce" will start in ancient Ilion and end in ancient Olympia dedicated to global peace. In Greek. (Add a comment)
Baron von RichthofenBaron von Richthofen by The Ovi Team
21 April 2018
April 21st 1918; German fighter ace Baron von Richthofen, "The Red Baron," was shot down and killed during World War I. (Add a comment)
Red Army enters BerlinRed Army enters Berlin by The Ovi Team
21 April 2018
April 21st 1945; Russian troops captured some outlying suburbs of Berlin at the beginning of what promises to be a bitter battle for control of the city. The Red Army approached the German capital from three directions, north, east and south-east. The nor (Add a comment)
The Long Road of Charles Maurras: Cultural Regionalist to Narrow NationalistThe Long Road of Charles Maurras: Cultural Regionalist to Narrow Nationalist by Rene Wadlow
20 April 2018
At a time when there is a growth in many parts of Europe of a narrow nationalism often linked to xenophobia and violence... (Add a comment)
Don't Step On That Red Line !Don't Step On That Red Line ! by Leah Sellers
20 April 2018
Don't Step on that Red Line ! You'll Break Humanity's Back ! (Add a comment)
Eureka: A list of non-tariff trade barriersEureka: A list of non-tariff trade barriers by Akli Hadid
20 April 2018
Trade wars have been making headlines. In many countries, you can be a foreigner and set up a business in that country if you are willing to export products to a different country... (Add a comment)
Money Spent on Missile Strike Could Have Been Invested in PeaceMoney Spent on Missile Strike Could Have Been Invested in Peace by Ovi Magazine Guest
20 April 2018
Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed that the U.S. used more than twice as many missiles as it did in a 2017 strike on Syria's Sharyat Airbase on April 7, 2017. (Add a comment)
Apollo 16 safely on MoonApollo 16 safely on Moon by The Ovi Team
20 April 2018
April 20th 1972: Apollo 16 safely on Moon after engine crisis. The Apollo 16 mission has landed on the Moon after a seven-hour crisis that nearly aborted the mission altogether. Astronauts John Young and Charles Duke became the fifth team to step down ont (Add a comment)
Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit"Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" by The Ovi Team
20 April 2018
April 20th 2009 marks the 70th anniversary of the release of Billie Holiday's Civil Rights song "Strange Fruit"... (1 comment)
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