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Dawid Dawid by Abigail George
17 September 2017
'How was your day, Dawid' Dawid ignored Marguerite. 'Time heals. Time is supposed to heal all wounds. Isn't that what they say?' said Dawid in a contemplative mood. (Add a comment)
Horse made of glass - Part 18 - FinalHorse made of glass - Part 18 - Final by Katerina Charisi
17 September 2017
She called the boys to come and eat their lunch, while she took a piece of paper and a pen and sat across them on the table. She looked at her boys and they smiled her back. Her eyes went around the small kitchen. The man-height cabinet and the empty wall (Add a comment)
Eureka: The game of economicsEureka: The game of economics by Akli Hadid
17 September 2017
Bank loans people money. Bank examines the files very carefully, takes collaterals, signs guarantees and if there's a slight doubt or feeling the loans won't be repaid, the loan will be rejected. (1 comment)
Damaging Damages: Rebel Wilson's Defamation CaseDamaging Damages: Rebel Wilson's Defamation Case by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
17 September 2017
There is very little to be gained pondering whether celebrity journalism should be protected with the zeal that some of its advocates do. A person with the dirt-directed fanaticism of a Piers Morgan is not to be treasured and his court losses in defamati (2 comments)
The Who & the BBC explosionThe Who & the BBC explosion by The Ovi Team
17 September 2017
September 17th 1967. In introducing them at the Monterey Pop Festival three months earlier, Eric Burdon of the Animals had offered high praise for the up-and-coming British rock band the Who, promising the crowd "A group that will destroy you in more way (Add a comment)
Under the surface there is a real warUnder the surface there is a real war by Thanos Kalamidas
16 September 2017
When the first shock of Donald Trump's election as the new US President passed, everybody said that he is going to change now he is the president. He is going to be presidential, he will understand better his responsibilities, he will learn, that is what (Add a comment)
The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 14The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 14 by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
16 September 2017
The fourteenth installment of a weekly Ovi column dubbed "The Caligula Presidency" This week on demeaning the presidency, dumb economics, Comey's dismissal, impeachment, democratic institutions, the great circus and fake news. (Add a comment)
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone LayerInternational Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer by The Ovi Team
16 September 2017
A number of commonly used chemicals have been found to be extremely damaging to the ozone layer. Halocarbons are chemicals in which one or more carbon atoms are linked to one or more halogen atoms (fluorine, chlorine, bromine or iodine). Halocarbons conta (Add a comment)
Η Eldorado, ο Αλιέντε, οι Σκουριές και η Αρχαία ΣκουριάΗ Eldorado, ο Αλιέντε, οι Σκουριές και η Αρχαία Σκουριά by Ovi Greece
16 September 2017
Gold stories from a scandalous mine! Η Eldorado, ο Αλιέντε, οι Σκουριές και η Αρχαία Σκου (Add a comment)
Ovi Symposium; Eighty-Fourth MeetingOvi Symposium; Eighty-Fourth Meeting by The Ovi Symposium
15 September 2017
Ovi Symposium 84th Meeting: The Ongoing Ovi Symposium's dialogue on "An Exploration of the Transcendental Ideas of Truth, Goodness and Beauty in Western Philosophy." With Drs Emanuel Paparella, Ernesto Paolozzi, Michael Newman and Azly Rahman (Add a comment)
Visions of Europe: Macron in AthensVisions of Europe: Macron in Athens by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
15 September 2017
The myth can have a greater effect than an untruth, and those who are in the business of manufacturing and building them never go out of business. France's President Emmanuel Macron has, for months, busily promoted a new myth: that of being European sav (1 comment)
The bone slumsThe bone slums by Abigail George
15 September 2017
I think of the deepest tragedies that I have experienced. That (Add a comment)
International Day of DemocracyInternational Day of Democracy by The Ovi Team
15 September 2017
September 15th. Democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives. (1 comment)
Ali defeats SpinksAli defeats Spinks by The Ovi Team
15 September 2017
September 15th 1978; boxer Muhammad Ali defeats Leon Spinks at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans to win the world heavyweight boxing title for the third time in his career, the first fighter ever to do so. Following his victory, Ali retired from boxi (Add a comment)
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