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New CenturyNew Century by Nikos Laios
24 October 2018
The fog cleared And the whaler glided Into the bay as the workers (Add a comment)
Wentworth Blues: Another Nail in the Scomo CoffinWentworth Blues: Another Nail in the Scomo Coffin by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
24 October 2018
A sign of desperation before the firing squad is jitteriness and the desperate sense that history needs revision. You were not the one responsible for the debacles and the cockups; everybody and everything else was. (Add a comment)
Small RollsSmall Rolls by Patrick McWade
24 October 2018
'Then, Again' is a cartoon series by Patrick McWade. (Add a comment)
Allende elected president of ChileAllende elected president of Chile by The Ovi Team
24 October 2018
October 24th 1970; Salvador Allende, an avowed Marxist, becomes president of Chile after being confirmed by the Chilean congress. For the next three years, the United States would exert tremendous pressure to try to destabilize and unseat the Allende gove (Add a comment)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid by The Ovi Team
24 October 2018
October 24th; on this day in 1969, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford as a team of bank robbers in the Old West, opens in theatres around the United States. The film was a commercial and critical success, receiving (Add a comment)
Embassy Disappearances: Jamal Khashoggi and the Foreign Policy WebEmbassy Disappearances: Jamal Khashoggi and the Foreign Policy Web by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
23 October 2018
It smells, but anything wedged between the putrefaction of Saudi foreign policy, the ambition of Turkish bellicosity, and the US muddling middleman is bound to. (Add a comment)
Trance And Dental MedicationTrance And Dental Medication by Jan Sand
23 October 2018
No doubt the prospect of a tooth Infected by a microbe's lack of ruth Conjures scenes of horror and dismay To convert each healthy hair from black to gray. (Add a comment)
Dupenews: It was his Shaolin-monk trainingDupenews: It was his Shaolin-monk training by Theodore K. Nasos
23 October 2018
According to one of the Saudi security attendances to the meeting "methods and cut tactics for confess and die" at the Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate, the late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was a master ninja (Add a comment)
Let's begin with the obvious. The president only truly values American citizenshipLet's begin with the obvious. The president only truly values American citizenship by Ovi Magazine Guest
23 October 2018
From doubting Barack Obama's birthplace to authorizing a sweeping child detention policy that targeted immigrant families, time and again, Trump has riled up his base by flouting the customs, intentions... (Add a comment)
The Hungarian uprising The Hungarian uprising by The Ovi Team
23 October 2018
October 23rd 1956; thousands of Hungarians erupt in protest against the Soviet presence in their nation and are met with armed resistance. Organized demonstrations by Hungarian citizens had been ongoing since June 1956, when signs of political reform in P (Add a comment)
If You Leave Me NowIf You Leave Me Now by The Ovi Team
23 October 2018
Chicago - one of history's most prolific rock bands - has its first #1 hit on October 23, 1976, with "If You Leave Me Now." (Add a comment)
Nadia Murad: A Yazidi Voice Against SlaveryNadia Murad: A Yazidi Voice Against Slavery by Rene Wadlow
22 October 2018
Nadia Murad, now a United Nation Goodwill Ambassador on Trafficking of Persons, is the co-laureate of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. (Add a comment)
SnapshotSnapshot by Bohdan Yuri
22 October 2018
The sun was lazy in setting on our last day, A Labor Day breeze cooled most repartee, The drive back to the city would be delayed, As Mike and Donna, in whose house was played, This last summer weekend, our family's soiree. The camera was set for o (Add a comment)
Leaking for Change: ASIO, Jakarta, and Australia's Jerusalem ProblemLeaking for Change: ASIO, Jakarta, and Australia's Jerusalem Problem by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
22 October 2018
Politics can, after a time, becomes a myopic exercise of expedient measures and desperate hope. Politics, raw and crude, is at its best at points where survival matters. (Add a comment)
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