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Apollo 16 safely on MoonApollo 16 safely on Moon by The Ovi Team
20 April 2017
April 20th 1972: Apollo 16 safely on Moon after engine crisis. The Apollo 16 mission has landed on the Moon after a seven-hour crisis that nearly aborted the mission altogether. Astronauts John Young and Charles Duke became the fifth team to step down ont (Add a comment)
Neo-religionism of the post ideological Russia (Refeudalisation of Europe - I Part)Neo-religionism of the post ideological Russia (Refeudalisation of Europe - I Part) by Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic
19 April 2017
Just 20 years ago, the distance between Moscow and NATO troops stationed in Central Europe (e.g., Berlin) was more than 1.600 km. Today, it is only 120 km from St. Petersburg. Is this a time to sleep or to worry? 'Russia no longer represents anything th (1 comment)
A New World Order: The End of Pax Americana and Putin's Enigmatic New RussiannessA New World Order: The End of Pax Americana and Putin's Enigmatic New Russianness by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
19 April 2017
If one surveys Putin's official pronouncements of the last few years on Russia's historical role in the 21st century, one may soon notice that the language of ideological fanaticism, so prevalent during the Soviet era, has slowly evolved in that of valu (Add a comment)
The Mad WorldThe Mad World by Ovi Magazine Guest
19 April 2017
Elegant in form and creation Yet repugnant in its delight Needed more in concepts It knows nothing about Yet so full of arrogance Indeed! Arrogance in ignorance Quirk enrages, the world is mad! (1 comment)
Lord Byron dies in GreeceLord Byron dies in Greece by The Ovi Team
19 April 2017
April 19th 1824; George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, dies in what is now Greece, where he had traveled to support the Greek struggle for independence from Turkey. Even today, he is considered a Greek national hero. (1 comment)
New World, New Policy - Dumping penalties: Give to Cesar what you owe to CesarNew World, New Policy - Dumping penalties: Give to Cesar what you owe to Cesar by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
18 April 2017
President Trump has issued a new executive order focusing on international cheaters, who do not pay their debts due to dumping penalties. The order targets the problem of unpaid special customs duties known as "Countervailing Duties" (CVD), levied on pr (1 comment)
Dreaming of Coal: Turnbull Goes to IndiaDreaming of Coal: Turnbull Goes to India by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
18 April 2017
This was not a trip of orient driven romance, but one of dull, bottom line economics. Less curry than cabbage; more brown nosing than elevation. Australia's increasingly wooden Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, did not exude colour or charisma as he was (Add a comment)
Pentagon Version of MOAB is IllogicalPentagon Version of MOAB is Illogical by Ovi Magazine Guest
18 April 2017
The "Mother of all Bombs" was designed and developed under Bush's watch in 2003. Officially known as the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, it is the most powerful weapon in the American arsenal that can be used without violating an international war (Add a comment)
Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier marryGrace Kelly and Prince Rainier marry by The Ovi Team
18 April 2017
April 18th 1956; American actress Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco in a spectacular ceremony on this day in 1956. (Add a comment)
The British are comingThe British are coming by The Ovi Team
18 April 2017
April 18th 1775 American revolutionaries Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott rode though the towns of Massachusetts giving the warning that "the Regulars are coming out." Later, the phrase "the British are coming" was attributed to Revere. (Add a comment)
The two, who have never metThe two, who have never met by Gordana Mudri
17 April 2017
It was the late of the night. One of those nights that grab one's soul; filling the mind with unanswered questions and sorrow. A night that looked like a sharp blade one has to pass, feeling pain and craving for light. (1 comment)
The Sound of TrumpismThe Sound of Trumpism by Thanos Kalamidas
17 April 2017
If it was not Donald Trump, if it was not in the "house" of the oldest monarchy in Europe and if that was not his only demand, you would think that ...this is fake news and ignore it. But it is true as it is also true that Donald Trump wants to "avoid (1 comment)
Indian State Plants 50 Million Trees In 24 Hours, Sets World RecordIndian State Plants 50 Million Trees In 24 Hours, Sets World Record by Ovi Magazine Guest
17 April 2017
More than 800,000 people in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh joined together to break the world record for most trees planted in a single day. (Add a comment)
World Haemophilia DayWorld Haemophilia Day by The Ovi Team
17 April 2017
April 17 is World Haemophilia Day. This day is celebrated by haemophilia organizations around the world, and gives them an opportunity to increase awareness of haemophilia. (Add a comment)
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