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Saving All My Love For YouSaving All My Love For You by The Ovi Team
26 October 2017
October 26th 1985. Talent, good looks and connections in high places - that's a combination that might spell success for almost any aspiring pop star, and Whitney Houston had all three. Both beautiful and talented, Houston was the daughter of soul singer (Add a comment)
A Hard Look at US Education: A Shipwreck in Progress?A Hard Look at US Education: A Shipwreck in Progress? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
25 October 2017
As recently as 30 years ago America was considered first in education, as per Paris-based Organization for Cooperation and Development, a 30 nation organization which develops the yearly rankings and criteria by which nations can evaluate their educationa (Add a comment)
A Holly Bush Filled with Sparrows and WrensA Holly Bush Filled with Sparrows and Wrens by Leah Sellers
25 October 2017
In a Moment of Needing a Deep Breath (or two) I gazed out the Window for a broader View My Eyes Focused on a nearby Holly Bush Of varying greens and red-orange berry hues (Add a comment)
Eureka: I'll rant but laugh it out Eureka: I'll rant but laugh it out by Akli Hadid
25 October 2017
You know those one-hit wonders in music? How some artists make a beautiful first album with songs we can relate to. Songs about love, about break-ups, about loneliness, about overcoming fear, about struggling with work and life. How those songs cheer you (Add a comment)
World Pasta DayWorld Pasta Day by The Ovi Team
25 October 2017
World Pasta Day is the day which is celebrated on 25th October every year. The chief purpose of World Pasta Day is to encourage the nutritional and culinary advantages of the pasta. Eating the Italian food is pleasure of travelling in the Italy. Regions o (1 comment)
A Matter of Fifty Degrees: Climate Change in AustraliaA Matter of Fifty Degrees: Climate Change in Australia by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
24 October 2017
A country baked to the core, its citizens roasted, an electricity grid battered to its limits. Capital cities trapping scorching heat, toasting its citizens and assaulting the young, the elderly, the infirm with temperature fluctuations. This is the vis (Add a comment)
MetronomesMetronomes by Nikos Laios
24 October 2017
Green leaves Rushed to the Sounds of Ticking clocks (Add a comment)
WMA General Assembly WMA General Assembly by Ovi Magazine Guest
24 October 2017
Delegates from more than 50 national medical associations attended the annual General Assembly of the WMA in Chicago from 11 to 14 October. (Add a comment)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid by The Ovi Team
24 October 2017
October 24th; on this day in 1969, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford as a team of bank robbers in the Old West, opens in theatres around the United States. The film was a commercial and critical success, receiving (Add a comment)
Allende elected president of ChileAllende elected president of Chile by The Ovi Team
24 October 2017
October 24th 1970; Salvador Allende, an avowed Marxist, becomes president of Chile after being confirmed by the Chilean congress. For the next three years, the United States would exert tremendous pressure to try to destabilize and unseat the Allende gove (Add a comment)
CornucopiaCornucopia by David Sparenberg
23 October 2017
Look at you. You think you are in possession of your hidden treasure. You think you have attained the radiant goal. Not so! (Add a comment)
Eureka: South Korean President Moon's economicsEureka: South Korean President Moon's economics by Akli Hadid
23 October 2017
President Moon wants to focus South Korea's economy around three pillars: income-led growth, fair competition and innovation-led growth. Let me give my opinion on that, free of charge, like casting two cents in a pond and wish the South's economy growth (1 comment)
Long story of KurzLong story of Kurz by Ovi Magazine Guest
23 October 2017
Last two parliamentary elections in Central Europe are indicative enough: Europe inevitably loses its grip over the grand narrative, fatherly eroding its place in history. Hereby a few lines about the latest of them. (Add a comment)
A week (16-22.10.2017) in Review all in ...GreekA week (16-22.10.2017) in Review all in ...Greek by George Kalatzis
23 October 2017
George Kalatzis reviews last week's news and events all ...in Greek - Ανωκατωσκόπηση εβδομάδας 16-22/10/2017 (Add a comment)
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