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Walk & talk 925Walk & talk 925 by Thanos Kalamidas
19 October 2019
Contemporary talk, walk and talk! (Add a comment)
Ethiopia aloneEthiopia alone by The Ovi Team
19 October 2019
October 19th 1935; the League of Nations votes to impose deliberately ineffectual economic sanctions against Fascist Italy for its invasion of Ethiopia. Steps that would impede the progress of the invasion... (1 comment)
University Woes: The Managerial Class Gets UppityUniversity Woes: The Managerial Class Gets Uppity by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
18 October 2019
The university, in a global sense, is passing into a managerial oblivion. There are a few valiant holdouts, but they have the luxury of history, time, and learning. Cambridge and Oxford, for instance... (Add a comment)
Toodalooo From the Zoo Near the MoonToodalooo From the Zoo Near the Moon by Bohdan Yuri
18 October 2019
What say you inside the Milky Way, Where stars are stirred into foray, A spiral swirl into a dark exhaust, (Add a comment)
Advice on being happyAdvice on being happy by Joseph Gatt
18 October 2019
Tips on what to do and what not to do, to be happy. In no particular order. (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #217Berserk Alert! #217 by Tony Zuvela
18 October 2019
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
Alaska Alaska by The Ovi Team
18 October 2019
October 18th 1867; the U.S. formally takes possession of Alaska after purchasing the territory from Russia for $7.2 million, or less than two cents an acre. The Alaska purchase comprised 586,412 square miles... (1 comment)
Odysseus Elytis NobelOdysseus Elytis Nobel by The Ovi Team
18 October 2019
Since the last few days we are talking about Nobel Prizes, a Greek poet Odysseus Elytis, was awarded the Literature Nobel Prize and it was announced on the 18th of October 1979. (Add a comment)
Phillis Wheatley freePhillis Wheatley free by The Ovi Team
18 October 2019
October 18th 1775; African-American poet Phillis Wheatley freed from slavery. Phillis Wheatley (1753-December 5, 1784), enslaved at the age of eight, is widely known as the first African-American woman in US history... (5 comments)
Malaysia's Halal CrisisMalaysia's Halal Crisis by Murray Hunter
17 October 2019
In Malaysia today, Halal is an important part of life for the majority Muslim population. Internationally, at a time when conventional markets are reaching saturation point... (Add a comment)
A Central ThemeA Central Theme by George Cassidy Payne
17 October 2019
You asked for a strong central theme, well, here it is. (Add a comment)
Notes on social media marketing and personal brandingNotes on social media marketing and personal branding by Joseph Gatt
17 October 2019
I'm not the social media type of guy. Oddly enough, I took the advice of staying out of social media from... Mila Kunis of all people. Actress Mila Kunis, until recently (I think it's still the case) had no Twitter account... (Add a comment)
International Day for the Eradication of PovertyInternational Day for the Eradication of Poverty by The Ovi Team
17 October 2019
The campaign to make poverty history - a central moral challenge of our age - cannot remain a task for the few; it must become a calling for the many. On this International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, I urge everyone to join this struggle. (2 comments)
Olympic silent protestOlympic silent protest by The Ovi Team
17 October 2019
October 17th 1968; two black American athletes have made history at the Mexico Olympics by staging a silent protest against racial discrimination. Tommie Smith and John Carlos, gold and bronze medallists in the 200m... (Add a comment)
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