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three players,
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Agents of Chaos: Trump, the Federal Reserve and Andrew JacksonAgents of Chaos: Trump, the Federal Reserve and Andrew Jackson by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
They are three players, all problematic in their own way. They are the creatures of inconvenient chaos. Donald Trump was born into the role, a misfit of misrule who found his baffling way to the White House on a grievance. (Add a comment)
World Food Day: A Wholistic World Food Policy is NeededWorld Food Day: A Wholistic World Food Policy is Needed by Rene Wadlow
The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030) aims by 2030 to "Double the agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers, in particular women, indigenous peoples, family farmers... (Add a comment)
Analysandly blindAnalysandly blind by David Barger
Roger dodger Came the call. The lunatics have escaped! They hide within The closing walls. (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #241Berserk Alert! #241 by Tony Zuvela
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Oscar WildeOscar Wilde by The Ovi Team
16 October 2018
October 16th 1854. Oscar Wilde is born on this day in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up in Ireland and went to England to attend Oxford, where he graduated with honours in 1878. A popular society figure known for his wit and flamboyant style, he published his o (Add a comment)
Nuremberg executionsNuremberg executions by The Ovi Team
16 October 2018
October 16th 1946; at Nuremberg, Germany, 10 high-ranking Nazi officials are executed by hanging for their crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, and war crimes during World War II. Two weeks earlier, the 10 were found guilty by the International (Add a comment)
Women's Critical Role in the Food ChainWomen's Critical Role in the Food Chain by Rene Wadlow
15 October 2018
15 October is the U.N. designated International Day of Rural Women. It is a day in which to highlight the need to increase food production, especially in those countries that face a persistent food deficit. (Add a comment)
Results all speak for themselves Results all speak for themselves by Saloni Kaul
15 October 2018
Each permanent aspect lovingly shaped, Each linear detail painstakingly cast , Results then speak directly for themselves Like ties that in perpetual time enduring last. (Add a comment)
Evacuating Nauru: Medecins Sans Frontieres and Australia's Refugee DilemmaEvacuating Nauru: Medecins Sans Frontieres and Australia's Refugee Dilemma by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
15 October 2018
It is an organisation not without its problems. Conceived in the heat of idealism, and promoted as the vanguard of medical rescue and human rights advocacy, Medecins Sans Frontieres has had its faults. (Add a comment)
Criminalisation of doctors condemned by WMACriminalisation of doctors condemned by WMA by Ovi Magazine Guest
15 October 2018
The World Medical Association has appealed to the Nicaraguan Government to stop criminalising doctors for delivering medical care to protesters during the country's continuing wave of violence. (Add a comment)
Mood IndigoMood Indigo by The Ovi Team
15 October 2018
October 15th 1930; the legendary composer and bandleader Duke Ellington was so famous for his poise and charm that it should be no surprise that he had a pithy story at the ready whenever he was asked about one of his most famous and enduring works, "Moo (Add a comment)
The World Disorder The World Disorder by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
14 October 2018
During the 73rd UN General Assembly meeting the world community heard loud and clear from the world leaders and dignitaries that the UN has failed to live up to the lofty goals for which it was created after the WWII. (Add a comment)
Translations from the Cinema - Ballad of a SoldierTranslations from the Cinema - Ballad of a Soldier by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
14 October 2018
The boy is young, but with his country invaded, he is first of all a soldier. He performs such an unexpected heroism that he is given leave to visit his home. He has ten days. There are chaotic conditions, there are many adventures, many diversions, M (Add a comment)
Orson Welles, Broadcasts and Fake NewsOrson Welles, Broadcasts and Fake News by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
14 October 2018
Orson Welles' spectral return to the screen, ingeniously in posthumous mode, should have come as a comfort to the magicians skilled in the arts of trickery. (Add a comment)
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