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Trump's Iran DealTrump's Iran Deal by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Bad deals. Very bad - unless, of course, they are minted in the United States, with Make America Great Again credentials. Hardly the stuff of presidential clout and oratorical flair (Add a comment)
The Might of Trumpian-Bannonite SpiteThe Might of Trumpian-Bannonite Spite by Leah Sellers
Oh, ye Little Small-Minded, Mean-Spirited Man With the small, very small Needy, greedy, Pussy-cat grabbing hands (Add a comment)
Eureka: A few more thoughts on public serviceEureka: A few more thoughts on public service by Akli Hadid
It's not about bureaucracy, it's about how you treat the bureaucrats. Bureaucrats work with two systems of thought that frequently overlap: career progression and serving the people. In some countries, the career progression tracks are so complex and am (Add a comment)
International Day for the Eradication of PovertyInternational Day for the Eradication of Poverty by The Ovi Team
The campaign to make poverty history - a central moral challenge of our age - cannot remain a task for the few; it must become a calling for the many. On this International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, I urge everyone to join this struggle. Togethe (2 comments)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Olympic silent protestOlympic silent protest by The Ovi Team
17 October 2017
October 17th 1968; two black American athletes have made history at the Mexico Olympics by staging a silent protest against racial discrimination. Tommie Smith and John Carlos, gold and bronze medallists in the 200m, stood with their heads bowed and a bla (Add a comment)
People on the move don't plant crops: The impact of refugees and migrants on food securityPeople on the move don't plant crops: The impact of refugees and migrants on food security by Rene Wadlow
16 October 2017
16 October is World Food Day, a yearly reminder that there are people who are constantly hungry due to poor agricultural methods, inadequate distribution, poor food storage, and armed conflict. The date was chosen to commemorate the founding of the U.N. (Add a comment)
OpheliaOphelia by David Sparenberg
16 October 2017
This is the time of reckoning. No time for word games. Hours are short; days are few. Already the clock of normalcy has stopped. This is the time of reckoning. Ophelia is the next reality. (Add a comment)
Climate Change Insurgent: Tony Abbott's CrusadeClimate Change Insurgent: Tony Abbott's Crusade by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
16 October 2017
He is the inimitable, true political ugliness, the bad boy with a mistimed punch. While not quite professorial in his lunacy (that honour will have to go to Pauline Hanson of One Nation, whose sincere bigotry remains pungent), he aspires to it with a gre (Add a comment)
Ovi Symposium; Eighty-Fifth MeetingOvi Symposium; Eighty-Fifth Meeting by The Ovi Symposium
16 October 2017
Ovi Symposium 85th Meeting: The Ongoing Ovi Symposium's dialogue on "An Exploration of the Transcendental Ideas of Truth, Goodness and Beauty in Western Philosophy-Part II." With Drs Emanuel Paparella, Ernesto Paolozzi, Michael Newman and Azly Rahman (Add a comment)
A week (09-15.10.2017) in Review all in ...GreekA week (09-15.10.2017) in Review all in ...Greek by George Kalatzis
16 October 2017
George Kalatzis reviews last week's news and events all ...in Greek - Ανωκατωσκόπηση εβδομάδας 09-15/10/2017 (Add a comment)
Oscar WildeOscar Wilde by The Ovi Team
16 October 2017
October 16th 1854. Oscar Wilde is born on this day in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up in Ireland and went to England to attend Oxford, where he graduated with honours in 1878. A popular society figure known for his wit and flamboyant style, he published his o (Add a comment)
Another Form of MadnessAnother Form of Madness by David Sparenberg
15 October 2017
Go ahead-take your voice to the edge of madness. Tiptoe-arabesque the slopping curb of circumstance. Let the storm surge threaten to wash away your ego-facts. That laughter in your soul originates in you. Let the storm winds of change threaten to blow (1 comment)
Big Batteries: Elon Musk and Powering South AustraliaBig Batteries: Elon Musk and Powering South Australia by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
15 October 2017
At the end of last month, Tesla boss Elon Musk held a party in South Australia's mid-north. It seemed premature, but Musk was typically confident. Construction on what will be the world's most powerful lithium ion battery was going well. (Add a comment)
Mood IndigoMood Indigo by The Ovi Team
15 October 2017
October 15th 1930; the legendary composer and bandleader Duke Ellington was so famous for his poise and charm that it should be no surprise that he had a pithy story at the ready whenever he was asked about one of his most famous and enduring works, "Moo (Add a comment)
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