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Illusion of the self

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Truth, Identity and the Illusion of the SelfTruth, Identity and the Illusion of the Self by Nikos Laios
There is a profound disconnect at the moment when it comes to the commonality and truth of ideas, thoughts, knowledge and opinions held by individuals, societies and nations. What was considered until very recently the universality of knowledge and though (Add a comment)
Teaching MySelf to Walk AgainTeaching MySelf to Walk Again by Leah Sellers
I have always Loved Watching Toddlers The way they pull ThemSelves up from the Ground Usually finding SomeThing Solid to Hang Onto As they hoist ThemSelves to their Feet (Add a comment)
World TB DayWorld TB Day by The Ovi Team
March 24th; World TB Day commemorates 24 March 1882 when Dr Robert Koch discovered what causes tuberculosis. But over a century later the disease kills around 1.7 million people a year. So what exactly is TB? (Add a comment)
Elvis Presley into the armyElvis Presley into the army by The Ovi Team
March 24. When Elvis Presley turned 18 on January 8, 1953, he fulfilled his patriotic duty and legal obligation to register his name with the Selective Service System, thereby making himself eligible for the draft. The Korean War was still underway at the (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Erich Fromm: Meeting the Challenges of the CenturyErich Fromm: Meeting the Challenges of the Century by Rene Wadlow
23 March 2017
Eric Fromm (1900-1980), the psychoanalyst concerned with the relation between personality and society, whose birth anniversary we mark on 23 March, was born in 1900. Thus his life was marked by the socio-political events of the century he faced, especial (1 comment)
Moon's waltzMoon's waltz by Katerina Charisi
23 March 2017
There you are The night unfolds and changes; Pale in its paleness Like the smile on your full moon face. (Add a comment)
Culture as a binding factor in our societyCulture as a binding factor in our society by Ovi Magazine Guest
23 March 2017
We need culture to know where we came from, says her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess of Austria and Princess of Tuscany Camilla Habsburg-Lothringen. "In a time where society is complaining, is frustrated and not making the best of what we ha (Add a comment)
Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor by The Ovi Team
23 March 2017
March 23rd; on this day in 2011, actress Elizabeth Taylor, who appeared in more than 50 films, won two Academy Awards and was synonymous with Hollywood glamour, dies of complications from congestive heart failure at a Los Angeles hospital at age 79. The v (Add a comment)
Trump's Wiretapping Accusation Makes America Less SafeTrump's Wiretapping Accusation Makes America Less Safe by Ovi Magazine Guest
23 March 2017
If I had to use just a few words to summarize Donald Trump, I would say that he is a hypocrite who can not comprehend his own self-deception. As a result, he is a man who lies with total sincerity. (Add a comment)
The Storm That Wasn't The Storm That Wasn't by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
22 March 2017
Here in Washington D.C., the nation's capital, we were drilled over the past few days to expect the snowstorm of the century. A minimum of 12 inches of snow were forecast and major anticipatory adjustments were taken. For example my health care office c (1 comment)
MelancholyMelancholy by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
22 March 2017
Slowly you come on, slowly you press down. Seeping and soothing, but darkening my dreams. Soon my futures are all dun. (Add a comment)
World Water DayWorld Water Day by The Ovi Team
22 March 2017
March 22nd. Each year on the 22nd of March it's World Water Day. First celebrated in 1993, the day was established by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of freshwater around the globe. (1 comment)
Wall talk #704Wall talk #704 by Thanos Kalamidas
22 March 2017
Contemporary talk, wall to wall walk! (1 comment)
The bus boycottThe bus boycott by The Ovi Team
22 March 2017
March 22nd 1956; Civil rights leader, the Reverend Martin Luther King, was convicted of organising an illegal boycott by black passengers of buses in the US state of Alabama. Mr King, 27, was fined $500 (£178) and ordered to pay an equa (Add a comment)
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