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Sony's and America's Cream Pie-in-the-Face ConundrumSony's and America's Cream Pie-in-the-Face Conundrum by Leah Sellers
Ahhhh! We've been Hacked by Hackers! We've been Cyber-Attacked and had our Sony Mega-Corporation's Business Whacked, and a portion of it Sacked! The Cyber-Clouds are drowning our Profits, our Reputations (due to our very own ugly remarks about other Fo (Add a comment)
From Christ to Christmas - a historical analysisFrom Christ to Christmas - a historical analysis by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
For many Christians around the globe, Christmas is linked with the birthday of their lord Jesus Christ. They believe that he was born on or around December 25 of 1 C.E. (Common Era). It is inconsequential to them that the story in the Gospels is often utt (1 comment)
Boxing DayBoxing Day by The Ovi Team
Boxing Day is a public holiday occurring on the 26th of December. The exact etymology of the term "boxing" is unclear and there are several competing theories, none of which is definitive. The tradition has long included giving money and other gifts to (1 comment)
Berserk Alert! #198Berserk Alert! #198 by Tony Zuvela
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Give peace a chanceGive peace a chance by Thanos Kalamidas
25 December 2014
A few days ago talking with a friend, he asked me what I want, meaning something that would somehow easy my life at least temporarily. My answer was, a day without bad news. (1 comment)
Beautiful StrangerBeautiful Stranger by Abigail George
25 December 2014
What does it feel like to be a wife, to have a spouse, to live in a large, spacious house, have that sedan parked in the garage? What does it feel like to curl up in a bedroom at night in the foetal position or with a book feeling safe with another warm, (Add a comment)
Christmas party gamesChristmas party games by The Ovi Team
25 December 2014
It's Christmas day and most will have people art home including a lot of kids. So here some games for the Christmas party. (Add a comment)
The Greek Express #30The Greek Express #30 by Thanos Raftopoulos
25 December 2014
A series of cartoons from Greece all the way around the world. (Add a comment)
Professor as Caricature, Academia as Ivory Tower: a RevisitingProfessor as Caricature, Academia as Ivory Tower: a Revisiting by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
24 December 2014
The lampooning and caricaturing of professors seems to be a new phenomenon in academia. What is intriguing, ironic, and even funny about it, is that quite often the caricaturizing is conducted by people who claim the title of professor themselves, or peo (1 comment)
If You Find No Poem (V3)If You Find No Poem (V3) by Michael Lee Johnson
24 December 2014
If you find no poem on your doorstep (2 comments)
Christmas Traditions in GreeceChristmas Traditions in Greece by The Ovi Team
24 December 2014
St. Nicholas is important in Greece as the patron saint of sailors. According to Greek tradition, his clothes are drenched with brine, his beard drips with seawater, and his face is covered with perspiration because he has been working hard against the wa (1 comment)
Christmas carolsChristmas carols by The Ovi Team
24 December 2014
Carols composed centuries ago, connected not only with Christmas but with our childhood. Two of the most popular and most translated Christmas carols are "O Christmas Tree" and naturally the "Silent Night." So Ovi team joins the Christmas spirit with (Add a comment)
Anti-Corruption War: Western ways doomed to Fail in Developing NationsAnti-Corruption War: Western ways doomed to Fail in Developing Nations by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
23 December 2014
In November of this year, leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20) vowed to implement an anti-corruption action plan. Although the proposed strategies might improve the situation for G20 member states, using the same toolkit will not work in the developing wo (1 comment)
ApocalypseApocalypse by David Sparenberg
23 December 2014
Remembering the children murdered in school, Peshawar, Pakistan (1 comment)
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