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In Your Face

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'In Your Face' Symbolic Moments.....'In Your Face' Symbolic Moments..... by Leah Sellers
Oooo-lah-lah ! The United States of America's presidential candidates are having an 'In Your Face' 'Come to Jesus' Moment with one another in Public Settings right now. (1 comment)
Sweet NeedSweet Need by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Walking up behind you, pulling back your elbows like wings, (Add a comment)
Charles BronsonCharles Bronson by The Ovi Team
August 30th; on this day in 2003, the actor Charles Bronson, best known for his tough-guy roles in such films as The Dirty Dozen and the Death Wish franchise, dies at the age of 81 in Los Angeles. (Add a comment)
Austin MiniAustin Mini by The Ovi Team
August 30, 1959; The first "Austin Mini 7" called an Austin Seven from the British Motor Corporation ( Sir Alec Issigonis ) goes on sale for 497 UKP ( first shown on August 14th ) making it one of the cheapest sal (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Edward Carpenter and the Healing of NationsEdward Carpenter and the Healing of Nations by Rene Wadlow
29 August 2016
Edward Carpenter (1844-1929) whose birth anniversary we note on 29 August, was an English writer, educator and pacifist, socialist reformer. Carpenter came from a middle class intellectual family and studied at Cambridge University. As with some of his fe (1 comment)
What is in Control? Fate or Freewill?What is in Control? Fate or Freewill? by Ovi Magazine Guest
29 August 2016
For the longest time, people have debated the concepts of fate and free will. If we believe in fate, does this mean we never had free will? I'm not sure this is the case, and here's why. We as people have free will, but this is not to be confused with b (1 comment)
Hurricane KatrinaHurricane Katrina by The Ovi Team
29 August 2016
Aug. 29, 2005; Hurricane Katrina a Category 5 Storm with sustained winds of 145 MPH and gusts reaching 175 MPH is the most destructive hurricane ever to hit the United States. The storm caused massive devastation in and around the city of New Orleans with (Add a comment)
Henry James back to U.S.Henry James back to U.S. by The Ovi Team
29 August 2016
August 29th 1904; Henry James returns to the U.S. for a visit after living abroad for two decades. James was born to a wealthy and eccentric philosopher father in 1843 in New York, N.Y. His older brother, William, became the country's first distinguished (1 comment)
The clairvoyant and AliceThe clairvoyant and Alice by Abigail George
28 August 2016
'She always managed to make me feel small. I withdraw into a shell. She wins.' Dr Phil's guest on the television belted out. Tears were not far away. Everyday Alice made a list of things to her. It helped her to remain focus. It helped her to be a good (Add a comment)
Right ChoicesRight Choices by Katerina Charisi
28 August 2016
Michael was puzzled about that field. The agronomist didn't tell him something that he didn't knew or tried already. He said that when Michael met him the other day and told him about the situation, he first guessed that soil acidification was the probl (Add a comment)
Robertson DaviesRobertson Davies by The Ovi Team
28 August 2016
August 28th; Canadian author Robertson Davies is born on this day in the town of Thamesville in Ontario, Canada. Davies was the son of a publisher and politician who owned the Canadian newspaper the Peterborough Examiner. He attended college in Ontario an (Add a comment)
King's dreamKing's dream by The Ovi Team
28 August 2016
August 28th 1968; the fight for racial equality in the United States moved a step closer to victory today as Martin Luther King spoke of his dream for freedom in an address to thousands of Americans. Reverend King was greeted with rapturous applause as he (Add a comment)
Russian chocolateRussian chocolate by Valerie Sartor
27 August 2016
Russian chocolate has become a minor addiction for me. I eat chocolate every day, sometimes several times a day. At home in the US I avoid sweets. The reason I eat chocolate here as opposed to at home in the US has to do with packaging. (Add a comment)
Your Wireless Keyboard is Sending Your Keystrokes to a HackerYour Wireless Keyboard is Sending Your Keystrokes to a Hacker by Ovi Magazine Guest
27 August 2016
For those of our readers who use a wireless keyboard, we have some serious news for you - your keyboard is giving away your keystrokes. And now that we have your attention, you must be wondering how in the heck someone can do that. Well, it is fairly simp (Add a comment)
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